JVC Everio GZ-MC500AA Instructions Manual

JVC Everio GZ-MC500AA Instructions Manual

Digital media camera
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Major Features

    Major Features of this Camera Removable Hard Disk Enjoying Various Playback Features In contrast to conventional digital video cameras Unlike tape operation, playback is simple and that record to DV tapes, the removable hard disk easy in this camera since no time is needed for is a new type of card media that enables rewinding or fast forward operations.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ADVANCED OPERATIONS Contents RECORDING FEATURES ........31 Backlight Compensation ........ 31 GETTING STARTED Spot Exposure Control ........31 Program AE ........... 31 Provided Accessories ........7 Bracket Shooting ........... 33 Index .............. 10 Manual Focus ..........33 Power ............. 14 Manual Settings in MSET Menu ....
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Use the JVC BN-VM200U battery pack and, to If nonetheless the mains plug is cut off be sure to recharge it or to supply power to the camera...
  • Page 5 DON’T leave equipment switched on when it is When the equipment is installed in a cabinet or unattended unless it is specifically stated that it is on a shelf, make sure that it has sufficient space designed for unattended operation or has a standby on all sides to allow for ventilation (10 cm or more mode.
  • Page 6 Do not subject the disk data on the hard disk so that it cannot be read. JVC to vibrations or sudden shall not be responsible for any personal data that is jolts. Be especially released.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED AC Adapter AP-V14E or AP-V17E Provided Accessories Power cord (AP-V14E only) Battery Pack BN-VM200U S-Video/Audio/Video Cable Cable Adapter USB Cable (Refer to the software installation and USB connection guide.) Removable Hard Disk (4 GB) Protective Case for Removable Hard Disk Strap (See page 8 for attachment) Lens Cap (See page 8 for attachment) CD-ROM...
  • Page 8 GETTING STARTED Attaching the Strap Attaching/Detaching the Lens Hood The provided lens hood helps block out glare Press and hold both when shooting under bright sunlight, the same sides as shown, then way professional photographers do. detach the fastener (large). To attach Pass the strap ring Align the lens hood with the camera’s lens, and...
  • Page 9 GETTING STARTED Attaching the Core Filter Close the core filter until it clicks shut. Attach the core filters to the cables. The core filter reduces interference. Release the stoppers on both ends of the core filter. NOTES: Take care not to damage the cable. When connecting a cable, attach the end with the core filter to the camera.
  • Page 10: Index

    GETTING STARTED Index ATTENTION: Be careful not to cover during shooting. Be careful not to cover during playback.
  • Page 11: Other Parts

    GETTING STARTED Controls Indicators Power/Charge Lamp ( pg. 14, 16) Mode Button [MODE] ( pg. 16) Access Lamp (Lights up or blinks when you Recording Mode Dial ( pg. 16, 31 – 32) access to any files. Do not turn off the power Lock Button ( pg.
  • Page 12 GETTING STARTED Indications on LCD Monitor Picture Quality: [U] (ultra fine), [F] (fine), [N] (normal), [E] (economy) ( pg. 50) Remaining Time ( pg. 20, 62) During both Video and Still Image Recording Counter ( pg. 49) 7REC: (Appears during recording.) pg.
  • Page 13 GETTING STARTED During Video Playback During Still Image Playback 11:30 10.11.2005 Mode Indicator ( pg. 16) Folder/File Number Slide Show Playback Indicator ( pg. 27) Battery Indicator ( pg. 55) Date/Time ( pg. 49) 10.11.2005 Selected Medium Indicator ( pg. 19, 49) Mode Indicator ( pg.
  • Page 14: Power

    GETTING STARTED Set the power switch to OFF while pressing Power down the lock button located on the switch. Slide and hold OPEN in the direction of the This camera’s 2-way power supply system lets arrow , then open the battery/CF card cover. you choose the most appropriate source of power.
  • Page 15 To DC mark set the power switch to OFF, then to connector It is recommended that only genuine JVC batteries are used in this camera. Using generic To AC outlet non-JVC batteries can cause damage to the internal charging circuitry.
  • Page 16: Operation Mode

    GETTING STARTED 3 Auto/Manual Mode Operation Mode Set the recording mode dial to the desired To turn on the camera, set the power switch to position to switch the auto/manual recording while pressing down the lock button mode. The indicator appears on the located on the switch.
  • Page 17: Date/Time Settings

    GETTING STARTED Date/Time Settings Inserting/Removing a CF Card The recording start date/time is recorded on the You can use a CF card (CompactFlash card) as video/still image/voice file and it can be checked a recording medium in the CF slot. by pressing INFO during playback.
  • Page 18: Inserting/Removing An Sd Card

    GETTING STARTED NOTES: Inserting/Removing an SD Card Read the cautions on CF card. ( pg. 58, “Recording Medium”) You can use an SD card as a recording medium Before using the provided removable hard disk or in the SD slot. See page 62 for the guaranteed a new CF card, it is necessary to format it.
  • Page 19: Formatting A Recording Medium

    GETTING STARTED Formatting a Recording Medium Selecting Recording Medium You can format (initialise) a recording medium in Select the recording medium before starting the CF or SD slot. You have to format the recording or playback. ( pg. 48, 49) provided removable hard disk or newly- Example: When recording still images to an SD purchased CF cards and SD cards with this...
  • Page 20: Video Recording & Playback

    VIDEO RECORDING & PLAYBACK NOTES: Video Recording If the camera is left without any operation during recording or playback (video, still image or voice) MODE for 5 minutes when using the battery pack, the Zoom Lever camera is turned off automatically to conserve power.
  • Page 21: Zooming

    VIDEO RECORDING & PLAYBACK Zooming Angle Adjustment Use the zoom function for close-up or wide- Tilt the lens part at the most convenient angle. angle shooting. You can zoom in up to 10x by The lens part can rotate 45° upward and using the optical zoom.
  • Page 22: Video Playback

    VIDEO RECORDING & PLAYBACK To play back files in the [EXTMOV] folder Video Playback If the data cannot be recorded properly, the video files are saved to the [EXTMOV] folder. pg. 20) Zoom Lever To play back the files in the [EXTMOV] folder, press the recording start/stop button while the index screen is displayed in step 2, and then proceed to step 3 after [MPG] is displayed.
  • Page 23: Various Playback Operations

    VIDEO RECORDING & PLAYBACK Various Playback Operations Playback Zoom You can magnify the playback image up to 5x. Still playback (Pause) During normal playback, at the point you want Press 49 during normal playback. to zoom in, press 49 to pause playback. To resume normal playback, press 49 again.
  • Page 24: Connecting To A Tv Or Vcr

    VIDEO RECORDING & PLAYBACK Playback on a TV Connecting to a TV or VCR Make sure all units are turned off. Open the cover. Connect the camera to a TV or VCR as shown in the illustration. If using a VCR, go to step 3. If not, go to step 4.
  • Page 25: Still Image Recording & Playback

    STILL IMAGE RECORDING & PLAYBACK Zooming Still Image Recording Use the zoom function for close-up or wide- angle shooting. You can zoom in up to 8x by using the optical zoom. MODE Zoom Lever To zoom in Slide the zoom lever towards T (telephoto). To zoom out Slide the zoom lever towards W (wide-angle).
  • Page 26: Continuous Shooting

    STILL IMAGE RECORDING & PLAYBACK Continuous Shooting [AUTO]: The flash fires automatically when the surroundings are dark. If the continuous shooting mode is set to on, AUTO RED-EYE: The flash fires keeping the recording start/stop button pressed automatically but reduces the red-eye in step 3 in “Still Image Recording”...
  • Page 27: Still Image Playback

    STILL IMAGE RECORDING & PLAYBACK Slide Show Still Image Playback You can playback all the images stored in recording media automatically. Zoom Lever Set the power switch to Press MODE to select A still image is displayed. To switch the medium to be played back, see INFO pages 19, 48 and 49.
  • Page 28: How To Use The Scroll Bar

    STILL IMAGE RECORDING & PLAYBACK How to Use the Scroll Bar Playback Zoom You can use the vertical scroll bar on the index You can magnify the playback image up to 5x. screen to find the desired files quickly. The scroll Set the power switch to bar is useful when deleting files ( pg.
  • Page 29: Voice Recording & Playback

    VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK Indication on LCD Monitor Voice Recording Zoom Lever VOICE RECORDING Recording Start/Stop [0h56m] Button MODE Lock Button 20.11.2005 11:30 Power Switch Remaining Time ( pg. 63) Selected Medium Indicator ( pg. 19, 49) Set the power switch to Sound Quality: 48 (fine), 16 (standard), 8 Press and hold MODE to select (economy) (...
  • Page 30: Voice Playback

    VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK Indication on LCD Monitor Voice Playback Set the power switch to Press and hold MODE to select VOICE PLAYBACK To switch the medium to be played back, see pages 19, 48 and 49. Press 49 to start playback. To pause playback, press 49 again.
  • Page 31: Advanced Operations

    RECORDING FEATURES Backlight Compensation Program AE Backlight compensation brightens the subject You can use the program AE settings for specific quickly. With simple operation, dark portions of shooting situations. the subject are brightened by increasing the Set the power switch to exposure.
  • Page 32 RECORDING FEATURES Aperture-Priority Shutter-Priority Setting the aperture value manually ( Setting the shutter speed manually ( You can set the aperture value (F-number) You can set the shutter speed manually. A fast manually. The larger the aperture value (lower F- shutter speed can freeze the motion of a fast- number), the more blurred the background will moving subject and a slow shutter speed can...
  • Page 33: Bracket Shooting

    RECORDING FEATURES Bracket Shooting Manual Focus In addition to an image with the exposure set by The camera's Full Range AF system offers the camera, two other images are recorded with continuous focusing ability from close-up to exposure values shifted to the +0.3 EV and –0.3 infinity.
  • Page 34: Manual Settings In Mset Menu

    RECORDING FEATURES To return to automatic focus Manual Settings in MSET Press FOCUS again or set the recording mode Menu dial to Manual focus is recommended in situations You can use manual recording functions easily listed below; by selecting items in the MSET menus. When two subjects overlap in the same scene.
  • Page 35: Manual Exposure

    RECORDING FEATURES Manual Exposure White Balance The white balance is usually adjusted Manual exposure is recommended in the automatically for correctness of the colour following situations: reproduction under various lighting. However, When shooting using reverse lighting or when you can also select the following modes the background is too bright.
  • Page 36: Effect

    RECORDING FEATURES Effect Manual White Balance Adjustment Select [MWB] in WB menu. You can add special effects to your recording Hold a sheet of images. plain white paper in Select [EF] in the MSET menu. ( pg. 34) front of the subject. Select the desired mode with the multi- Adjust zoom or controller (r/t).
  • Page 37: Playback Features

    PLAYBACK FEATURES Wipe or Fader Effects Playback Effects You can view videos with various effects of You can view videos or still images with special scene transition. image effects. Set the power switch to Set the power switch to Press MODE to select Press MODE to select Press MENU.
  • Page 38: Managing Files

    MANAGING FILES Information on Voice Files Viewing File Information Press INFO while voice playback is paused. File You can view the file information in playback information appears. mode. FILE: File name FOLDER: Folder name Information on Video Files DATE/TIME: Date and time of the recording Press INFO while video playback is paused.
  • Page 39: Protecting Files

    MANAGING FILES To protect all files Protecting Files Select [PROTECT ALL] with the multi- controller (r/t), then press 49. You can protect files from the accidental erasure. Select [EXECUTE] with the multi-controller Set the power switch to (r/t), then press 49. Press (and hold) MODE to select the file type All files are protected.
  • Page 40: Deleting Files

    MANAGING FILES To delete by selecting multiple files Deleting Files Select [FILE SELECT] with the multi- controller (r/t), then press 49. You can delete unnecessary files. The index screen (video or still image) or playback Deleting by the Button list (voice) appears. Select the file you want to delete with the Set the power switch to multi-controller (r/t/w/e), then press 49.
  • Page 41: Cleaning Up A Recording Medium

    MANAGING FILES Cleaning Up a Recording Copying/Moving Still Image Medium Files Writing speed of recording media tends to You can copy or move still image files between become slow after long period of repeated use. recording media in CF and SD slots using the To regain the speed, execute cleanup on-screen display.
  • Page 42: Resetting The File Number

    MANAGING FILES To copy or move by selecting files Resetting the File Select [FILE] with the multi-controller (w/e), Number then press 49. The index screen appears. By resetting the file number (name), a new folder Select a desired file with the multi-controller will be made.
  • Page 43: Creating Play List

    MANAGING FILES To check the play list by playing back the Creating Play List video You can check the play list before saving it. You can create a play list by collecting the After step 10, select a thumbnail image of desired scenes from the previously recorded the play list with the multi-controller ( video files.
  • Page 44: Playing Back Play List

    MANAGING FILES Add/Delete Files in Play List Playing Back Play List You can edit existing play lists by adding or By playing back the play list, you can view your deleting files. original video clips. (To create play list, Set the power switch to pg.
  • Page 45 MANAGING FILES Deleting Play List Dubbing Using Play List You can delete unnecessary play lists. Dubbing to an external device using a play list is possible. Set the power switch to Connect the camera and your VCR with the Press MODE to select S-Video/Audio/Video cable.
  • Page 46: Dpof Print Setting

    MANAGING FILES To print all still images (One print for each) DPOF Print Setting Display the DPOF menu screen. ( “To print by selecting a still image”) This camera is compatible with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format). You can set which images Select [ALL 1] with the multi-controller (r/t), to be printed and the number of prints with this then press...
  • Page 47: Direct Printing With A Pictbridge Printer

    MANAGING FILES To cancel print setting Direct Printing with a PictBridge Select [CANCEL] with the multi-controller ( Printer then press To stop printing after printing starts If your printer is compatible with PictBridge, still Press 9. The confirmation screen appears. images can be printed easily by connecting the Select [EXECUTE] with the multi-controller camera with the USB cable directly to the...
  • Page 48: Menu Settings

    MENU SETTINGS Changing the Menu Settings Common Menus for All Modes You can change the menu settings to customize [ ] = Factory-preset your camera. Access the desired menu screen BASIC SETTING by following the steps below, then change the various settings.
  • Page 49 MENU SETTINGS MEMORY CARD SETTING DISPLAY VIDEO MODE Media selection can BRIGHT be set for each When this item is selected, the brightness [CF SLOT] / SD SLOT recording and control indicator appears. Adjust the brightness IMAGE MODE playback mode: video of the display using the multi-controller (w/e), ), still image ( [CF SLOT] / SD SLOT...
  • Page 50: Video Recording Menus

    MENU SETTINGS NOTES: Video Recording Menus Accurate stabilization may not be possible if hand shake is excessive, or depending on the shooting [ ] = Factory-preset condition. In this case, the indicator blinks or goes out. QUALITY Switch off this mode when recording with the Select the desired picture quality.
  • Page 51: Still Image Recording Menus

    MENU SETTINGS Still Image Recording Menus PROTECT DELETE [ ] = Factory-preset The menu items of PROTECT and DELETE are the same as in the description on page 50. QUALITY [FINE] / STANDARD Voice Recording Menus Select the desired image quality. [ ] = Factory-preset IMAGE SIZE [2560 x 1920] / 2048 x 1536 / 1600 x 1200 /...
  • Page 52: References

    Recording cannot be performed. If the problem still exists, please consult your [MEMORY CARD IS FULL] appears. nearest JVC dealer. HReplace with new recording medium or delete unnecessary files. ( pg. 17, 18, 40) 8 To reset the camera Recording medium is not selected properly.
  • Page 53 REFERENCES Playback Advanced features Playback cannot be performed. The focus does not adjust automatically. Recording medium is not selected properly. Focus is set to the manual mode. HSelect the recording medium. ( pg. 19, 48, 49) HSet focus to the automatic mode. ( pg.
  • Page 54 35°C. ( pg. 58) monitor become dark. The battery/CF card cover is open. HConsult your nearest JVC dealer. HClose the cover. ( pg. 14) Coloured bright spots appear all over the The data process is too slow after the power LCD monitor.
  • Page 55: Warning Indications

    REFERENCES THIS CARD IS NOT FOR RECORDING VIDEO Warning Indications Appears when a recording medium which is not capable of video recording is inserted. Use the The following indications appear on the screen. guaranteed recording medium to work with this camera.
  • Page 56 REFERENCES NUMBER OF FOLDERS OVERFLOW NO REGISTERED SCENES IN PLAY LIST Appears when the number of folders exceeds SOME OF SCENES MAY NOT BE PLAYED the limit for file copy/move operation. BACK The video files registered in the play list do not MEMORY CARD ERROR! exist.
  • Page 57: Cleaning The Camera

    REFERENCES Cleaning the Camera Cautions Battery Packs Before cleaning, turn off the camera and remove the battery pack and AC adapter. The supplied battery Terminals To clean the exterior pack is a lithium-ion Wipe gently with a soft cloth. Put the cloth in battery.
  • Page 58 Using generic • Do not touch the metal parts. non-JVC batteries can cause damage to the Copy the recorded files to your PC. JVC internal charging circuitry. shall not be responsible for any lost data. (It...
  • Page 59 When requesting repairs for malfunctioning by ... in places subject to extremely high (over 40°C) or your dealer or JVC service centre, be sure to extremely low (under 0°C) temperatures. bring your camera together with the DO NOT leave the unit removable hard disk.
  • Page 60: Specifications

    REFERENCES Specifications For video/audio Format Camera SD-VIDEO Recording/Playback format Video: MPEG-2 For general Audio: Dolby Digital (2 ch) Power supply Signal format DC 11 V (Using AC adapter) PAL standard DC 7.2 V (Using battery pack) Recording mode (video) Power consumption ULTRA FINE: 720 x 576 pixels, 8.5 Mbps (CBR) Approx.
  • Page 61 REFERENCES AC Adapter For voice Format Power requirement AC 110 V to 240 Vd, 50 Hz/60 Hz Linear PCM Output Recording mode FINE: 48 kHz, 1,536 kbps, 16 bit, stereo DC 11 V , 1 A STANDARD: 16 kHz, 512 kbps, 16 bit, stereo Design and specifications subject to change ECONOMY: 8 kHz, 256 kbps, 16 bit, stereo without notice.
  • Page 62 Quality 1 GB not guaranteed to work, so buy such products with caution. ULTRA FINE Removable hard disks: Microdrive ® from Hitachi, JVC Microdrive ® (CU-MD04) FINE NORMAL CompactFlash cards: By LEXAR, SanDisk and Hagiwara Sys-Com ECONOMY SD memory cards: By Panasonic, TOSHIBA,...
  • Page 63 REFERENCES CompactFlash card : Approximate number of storable images (for still image) Image size/ 1 GB quality Removable hard disk 640 x 480/ 1420 2840 5680 Image size/ FINE 2 GB 4 GB* 6 GB quality 640 x 480/ 1115 2235 4465 8930...
  • Page 64: Terms

    TERMS ..........14, 15 ..........35 AC Adapter Manual Exposure ..........32 ........... 33 Aperture-Priority Manual Focus ............16 Mode Lamp ............. 34 MSET Menu ........31 Backlight Compensation ............. 14 Battery Pack ..........33 ..........48 Bracket Shooting Operation Sound ..........
  • Page 66 Copying Files to the PC ......... 14 The right to use the Program is granted by Victor Company of Japan, Limited (“JVC”) to You only Playing Back Files on the PC ......14 on the condition that You agree to the following.
  • Page 67 WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR Agreement without giving any notice to You. IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED In this event, JVC may claim against You for TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF any damages caused by Your breach. Should MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A...
  • Page 68 FAR part 12.212 and is only licensed to You to the execution, interpretation and with the same use rights JVC grants all performance of this Agreement. commercial end users pursuant to the terms Victor Company of Japan, Limited of this Agreement.
  • Page 69 Do not attempt to modify this software. hole. Changes or modifications not approved by JVC Do not use conventional disc cleaners or could void user’s authority to operate the cleaning spray.
  • Page 70: Notice For Users

    Notice for Users Use of this software is authorized according to the terms of the software license. When contacting the nearest JVC office or agency in your country about this software (refer to the JVC Worldwide Service Network at http://www.jvc-victor.co.jp/english/worldmap/index-e.html), please fill out the following and have the appropriate information ready.
  • Page 71: System Requirements

    System Requirements 8 Digital Photo Navigator The following requirements must be satisfied to connect a camera to a PC and to use Digital Photo Navigator. ® : Windows Millennium Edition [Me] (pre-installed), ® Windows 2000 Professional [2000] (pre-installed), ® Windows XP Home Edition [XP] (pre-installed), ®...
  • Page 72 8 CyberLink DVD Solution The following requirements must be satisfied to use CyberLink DVD Solution. ® : Windows Millennium Edition [Me] (pre-installed), ® Windows 2000 Professional [2000] (pre-installed), ® Windows XP Home Edition [XP] (pre-installed), ® or Windows XP Professional [XP] (pre-installed) ®...
  • Page 73: Software Installation

    Load the provided CD-ROM into the PC. Software Installation After a moment, the [SETUP] screen appears. From the [SETUP] screen, you can install the desired software. Follow the procedure described below to install If the [SETUP] screen does not appear, double- the software.
  • Page 74 Click [Next]. Click [Next]. [License Agreement] screen appears. [Setup Type] screen appears. Click [Yes]. Select the program(s) you want to install, then click [Next]. [Customer Information] screen appears. [Setup Status] screen appears. Wait for a Confirm your information and click [Next]. moment until the installation is finished and It is possible to change the information.
  • Page 75: Connections

    Install all of the desired software in the same Connections way. To display [SETUP] screen, double-click the CD- Connecting the USB cable ROM icon in the [My Computer] window. NOTES: Connect the USB cable to copy still image, video Even if PowerDirector/PowerProducer/PowerDVD files and voice files in a recording medium to the have already been installed on the PC: Video files captured with this camera can only be...
  • Page 76: Viewing The Contents Of A Recording Medium

    ® When using Windows Me/2000: Viewing the Contents of a Recording 1 Double-click Medium the [My Computer] icon Make sure that there is a recording on the desktop. medium in the camera. The [Removable Disk] icon which Set the camera's power switch to the represents the playback mode while pressing down the lock recording...
  • Page 77 Folder structure within the recording medium NOTES: Video files: Stored in the [PRGxxx] folder (where Any folders or files other than those described xxx is a number), within the [SD_VIDEO] folder. above are recorded in the recording medium. Still image files: Stored in the [xxxJVCSO] folder Saving the wrong kinds of files in a recording (where xxx is a number), within the [DCIM] folder.
  • Page 78: Copying Files To The Pc

    NOTES: Copying Files to the PC Never disconnect the USB cable while the ACCESS lamp on the camera lights or blinks. Still image, video files and voice files that are File transfer takes considerable time in PCs using stored in a recording medium can be copied to USB 1.1.
  • Page 79: Disconnecting The Usb Cable

    ® Windows Disconnecting the USB cable Before loading or unloading recording mediums or turning off the PC, first disconnect the USB cable and turn off the camera. Confirm that the ACCESS lamp on the camera does not light or blink. If the ACCESS lamp lights or blinks, wait until it is turned off before proceeding.
  • Page 80 ® Windows * The model name depends on the connected camera. Disconnect the USB cable. Set the camera’s power switch to off. The camera turns off. – 16 –...
  • Page 81: User's Guide/Help/Readme

    User’s Guide/Help/Readme This manual only refers to software installation and PC connection. For more details of each software, refer to its user’s guide/help/Readme. 8 CyberLink DVD Solution Following steps are the example of CyberLink PowerDirector Express NE. Click [Start], go to [All Programs] or [Programs]–...
  • Page 82: Subsidiary Information

    Subsidiary Information Creating DVDs (Main unit) Digital Media Camera Video (recording media) USB transfer Create DVD simply Create DVD with plural files and/or title Edit video Select Select [Produce a Disc] [Produce a Disc] PowerDirector *1, 2 *1, 2 Express NE Create DVD Create DVD *3 Create DVD *3, 4, 5...
  • Page 83 A brief procedure is presented below for using CyberLink DVD Solution to edit video files that (1) Copy the video files on the media to the PC. (2) Start PowerDirector Express NE. were shot with the camera and create a DVD- (3) Import the copied video files in the Video.
  • Page 84 NOTES: The video MOD file of the camera can be *1 If the video is [ULTRA FINE], [FINE], or viewed using one of the methods below. [NORMAL], select [High Quality NTSC (or PAL) (1) Drag and drop the MOD file to the DVD].
  • Page 85: How To Create Dvds Simply

    How To Create DVDs simply Drag and drop the videos from the library to the timeline/storyboard in the playback Connect the camera to the PC with the order. USB cable, or remove the removable hard If necessary, edit transition or title on the timeline/ disk from the camera and connect it to the PC storyboard.
  • Page 86 Select [Produce a Disc], and then click Click [Start] to create the file. After the [Next]. completeion of video file creation, PowerProducer 2 Gold NE starts automatically. Select [DVD Format] and click [Next]. Load a blank DVD media into the If the video is [ULTRA FINE], [FINE], or [NORMAL], select [High Quality NTSC (or PAL) recordable DVD drive.
  • Page 87 Remove the check mark for [Include Menu] in the [Preview] screen, and then click []]. Insert a check mark for [Burn to disc] in the [Final Output] screen, and then click [Burn] to create the DVD-Video. For “Create DVD with plural files and/or title”, refer to “Creating DVDs”.
  • Page 88 Printed in Japan © 2005 Victor Company of Japan, Limited M5S7(E) 0405HOH-AL-VP...
  • Page 89: Read This First

    For video recording, use a removable hard disk, high-speed disk CompactFlash card (at least 40x speed) or SD memory card (at When requesting repairs for breakdowns by your dealer or JVC least 10 MB/s). service center, be sure to bring your camera together with the 8 Format recording medium before using removable hard disk.
  • Page 90 Αν επιθυµείτε να απ ρρίψετε αυτ τ πρ ϊ ν, επισκεφτείτε τ διαδικτυακ µας τ π www.jvc-europe.com για περισσ τερες πληρ φ ρίες σ ετικά µε την επιστρ φή τ υ πρ ϊ ντ ς.
  • Page 91 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOL/CASTELLANO PORTUGUÊS SUOMI Read Before Usage À lire avant utilisation Leer antes de usar Ler antes da utilização Lue ennen käyttöä —Operation of the Removable Hard Disk— — Utilisation du disque dur amovible — —Funcionamiento del disco duro extraíble— —Funcionamento do disco rígido amovível—...
  • Page 92 ČEŠTINA MAGYAR NORSK 中文 (Traditional) Přečtěte si před použitím Használat előtt olvassa el. Les før bruk 使用前閱讀事項 —A kivehető merevlemez kezelése— —Bruk av utskiftbar harddisk— —Provoz vyjímatelného hard disku— —移動硬式磁碟機 (抽取式硬碟)操作指南— Vyjímatelný pevný disk je přesné elektronické A cserélhető merevlemez nagy pontosságú Den utskiftbare harddisken er et elektronisk 可拆除式磁碟是精密的電子裝置。...
  • Page 93 (Business users) Des amendes peuvent être infligées en cas d’élimination incorrecte de ce produit, reconnu que dans l’Union If you wish to dispose of this product, please visit our web page www.jvc-europe.com to obtain conformément à la législation nationale. européenne.

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