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Vacation And Moving; Defrosting - Haier HUM046EB - 02-01 User Manual

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Vacation And Moving

Moving the freezer
When transporting the freezer it
must be kept in the upright position.
If the freezer is inadvertently tilted
beyond 45 degrees or was in a lay
down position for any reason e.g.
shipping, the unit must not be


Defrost whenever frost on the wall of
the freezer compartment becomes
1/8" thick. Never use a sharp or
metallic instrument to remove frost as
it may damage the cooling coils
which is a part of the shelving. (A
punctured cooling coil will cause
serious damage to the product and
will void the warranty). We do not
recommend using any kind of
scraper. Do not use any electrical
device in defrosting your freezer.
Turn the temperature control to "0"
and unplug the freezer. Remove all
foods from the freezer compartment.
Slide a shallow pan under the
freezer using the opening between
the bottom legs. Remove drain plug
and allow defrost water to drain into
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operated for at least 24 hours, It
must be placed in the upright posi-
tion for this period to allow the inter-
nal oil and refrigerant to stabilize in
the system. Ignoring this precaution-
ary measure may result in damage
to the sealed system and compressor.
Defrosting usually takes a few hours.
To quicken defrosting you may, keep
the door open and place a bowl of
warm water in the freezer. After
defrosting, empty water from the
drip tray. Be sure to check the pan to
aviod overfill
Sponge remaining water from the
bottom before cleaning. After
defrosting, clean the inside of the
freezer (see care and cleaning).
After cleaning be sure to replace the
drain plug and remove the drip pan
carefully. Plug in the freezer and
return the temperature to its previous
position. Now return food to freezer.


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