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Operating Your Freezer; Care And Cleaning - Haier HUM046EB - 02-01 User Manual

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Operating Your Freezer

Temperature Control Dial
The temperature control dial has set-
tings from
• "0" to 7
• "1" is the warmest
• "7" is the coldest
Initially, set the temperature
control dial to "4".
After using the freezer for 24 hours,
adjust the temperature control dial to
the setting that best suits your needs.
Turning the temperature control dial
'0' stops the cooling cycle; however,
it will not shut off power to the

Care And Cleaning

Cleaning the Outside
Clean the outside of the freezer with
a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. To
clean the door gasket, use only mild
soapy water. Never use harsh
cleansers or a scouring pad to clean
any part of the freezer.
For efficient operation dirt and dust
should be removed from the back
and bottom of your freezer every
three months. Turn the temperature
control to the "0" position and
unplug the freezer before beginning.
Carefully slide the freezer away from
the wall and avoid damaging the
floor by moving it slowly. Wipe dust
from the back of freezer with a clean
dry cloth use a vacuum cleaner with
a brush attachment to clean the
compressor area.
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Important: If you unplug or turn
off the freezer, allow 4 minutes
before restarting it or re-plugging it
Drop Down Storage Gate
To access the bottom storage area,
gently pull the top middle of the
storage gate. This will allow the
removal or inserting of items.
Cleaning the Inside
Clean the inside of the freezer at
least twice a year. Turn the tempera-
ture control dial to "0" unplug the
freezer and remove all frozen items
from the shelves. Wash inside with
warm water and baking soda
solution. (2 tablespoons of baking
soda to one quart of water), then
rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use
cleaners such as harsh detergents,
scouring powder or sprays contain-
ing bleach, ammonia, or other
chemicals that may cause odors
inside the freezer or damage the
protective coatings on the evaporator


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