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How To Prepare Espresso Coffee - Haier HPE20SS User Manual

Stainless steel espresso & cappuccino maker
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How to Prepare Espresso Coffee

Hints and Tips
• Preheating the machine will ensure that your coffee is dispensed at
the correct temperature.
• It is important to use a high quality ground coffee with a fine grind in
order to avoid obstruction of the filter during brewing.
• Always make sure the filter is clean before filling with coffee grinds.
• Espresso is a strong dark coffee with a distinctive caramel colored
froth known as the "crema". Tamping the grinds will give a better
quality espresso. If the grind is not pressed enough, it will come out
too quickly and the crema will be light in color.
• Espresso coffee is best served in small demitasse cups, with a half-
cup being the ideal serving size (approx. 1-1/2 to 2 fl. oz.).
1. Preheat the espresso cups by placing them on top of the machine
under the clear upper cover.
2. After preheating of the machine as described in the preceding sec-
tion, insert either the 1 or 2-cup filter depending on the number of
cups of espresso being made. Make sure that the filter is clean and
dry. To make just one cup of espresso, insert the 1-cup filter into the
filter holder and fill it with one level measuring spoon of ground cof-
fee - about 0.25 oz. To make two cups of espresso, insert the 2-cup
filter into the filter holder and fill with two level measuring spoons of
ground coffee - about 0.50 oz.
3. Remove any excess coffee grind from the filter holder rim. Tamp
down the grinds in a slight twisting motion with the tamping tool (the
flat end of the measuring spoon) and attach the filter holder to the
machine by positioning it under the boiler outlet with the arrow on
the handle pointing towards the left arrow (open) on the housing.
Push upwards and turn the handle to the right so that it points to the
triangle marking at the center of the housing (close).
Note: To use a single-serve coffee pod, place the pod into the 1-cup
4. Place the cup or cups on the removable drip tray. Ensure that the cup
or cups line up with the dispensing holes on the filter holder.
5. Wait until the green "OK" light comes on, then turn the switch to the
espresso function
brewed (approx. 1-1/2 to 2 fl. oz. or 1/2 "demitasse" cup). Then
turn the switch back to the original position.
6. Once the machine has stopped dispensing the espresso, turn the
handle of the filter holder from the right to left to detach it.
7. To remove the used coffee grinds, lock the filter in place with the
protective thumb guard that is built into the handle and knock the
coffee grounds out of the overturned filter holder. Wipe any leftover
grounds from the filter with a towel.
8. After removing the filter holder, place a cup on the removable drip
tray and press the
9. To brew more espresso, repeat all the steps above. Otherwise, turn
off the espresso machine.
filter and attach the filter holder to the machine.
until the desired amount of espresso has been
button for a couple seconds to clean out the



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