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Descaling; Cleaning After Long Periods Of Non-Use - Haier HPE20SS User Manual

Stainless steel espresso & cappuccino maker
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Calcium buildup ("scale") should be cleaned from the machine every 4
months as this deposit could compromise the quality of the espresso as
well as the functioning of the machine components. The formation of
scale depends on the local hard-water conditions and on how much the
espresso machine is used. It is recommended that specific
(store-bought) products for descaling of espresso coffee machines be
used. If such products are not available, it is possible to proceed as
1. Fill the tank with 1 quart of water.
2. Dissolve 2 spoonfuls (about 1 ounce) of citric acid in the water
(available at pharmacies).
3. Turn on the upper switch and wait until the green "OK" light comes
4. Check that the filter holder is not attached and place a container
under the outlet of the machine.
5. Turn on the lower switch and allow half of the solution in the tank to
flow out. Then stop the flow by turning off the lower switch.
6. Allow the solution to sit for about 15 minutes, then start up the flow
again and repeat until the tank is completely empty.
7. To eliminate the remaining solution and the calcium, rinse the tank
well, fill it with clean water and replace.
8. Turn on the lower switch and allow all of the remaining solution in
the tank to flow out.
9. Turn on the upper switch and repeat number 7 and 8 one more
N N o o t t e e : : Repairs for malfunctioning caused by problems of calcium
build-up are not covered by the warranty if the descaling
process described above is not carried out regularly.

Cleaning After Long Periods of Non-Use

Wipe the espresso machine and all accessories with a soft, damp cloth.
Follow instructions in the "Descaling" section and the "Before Using for
the First Time" section to prepare the machine for usage.



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