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Cleaning And Maintenance; Cleaning The Steam Nozzle; Other Cleaning Operations - Haier HPE20SS User Manual

Stainless steel espresso & cappuccino maker
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It is essential to keep the espresso machine clean in order to brew the
best tasting espresso. Stale coffee oils and leftover milk on the steam
nozzle will ruin the flavor of the espresso. Before cleaning, turn off the
machine, unplug it, and allow it to cool down. The machine can be
wiped clean with a damp cloth.
C C a a u u t t i i o o n n ! ! Never immerse the body of the machine in water or any
other liquid. Clean the brewing head with a damp cloth and remove
any coffee grounds.

Cleaning the Steam Nozzle

Clean the steam nozzle after each use, otherwise the inside of the
nozzle will become clogged and the milk deposits on the outside will
harden and become difficult to remove.
• Remove the frothing sleeve from the steam nozzle by pulling
• The frothing sleeve should be washed in warm, soapy water. Make
sure that all openings on the sleeve are free of milk residue. Wipe the
outside of the nozzle with a soft damp cloth.
• If clogging does occur, remove the milk residue using a sewing
needle, then rinse under the faucet and allow the nozzle to dry
• Or turn the espresso machine on and wait until the "OK" light turns
on. Then point the steam nozzle into an empty cup and open the
steam valve for a few seconds by turning the steam knob counter-
clockwise. Then close the valve. Any milk residue will be flushed out.

Other Cleaning Operations

Caution! During cleaning, never immerse the unit in
1. Do not use abrasive solvents or detergents and scouring pads to
clean the espresso machine and accessories. Use a soft, damp cloth
to wipe dry .
2. Remove the drip tray, filters, filter holder and wash them periodically.
3. Clean the water tank thoroughly.
water - it is an electrical appliance.



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