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Operation; Filling The Water Tank; Preheating The Espresso Machine - Haier HPE20SS User Manual

Stainless steel espresso & cappuccino maker
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Filling the Water Tank

Warning! Never operate the appliance without water in the tank.
To remove the water tank, simply pull out the tank and fill it with water.
Do not exceed the MAX level indicated on the water tank. To fill the
tank without fully removing it, pull it out halfway and pour water directly
into it from a jug. Replace the tank, making sure the arrow and dots on
the tank are aligned with the arrow and dots on the housing, then push
into place.

Preheating the Espresso Machine

To ensure that your espresso coffee is dispensed at the correct
temperature, it is essential that the espresso machine be preheated.
• Turn on the upper switch by pressing down on the right side of the
button. The red light next to the "
• Attach the empty filter holder to the machine by positioning it under
the boiler outlet with the arrow on the handle pointing towards the
left arrow (open) on the housing. Push upwards and at the same time
turn the handle to the right so that it points to the triangle marking at
the center of the housing (close).
• Position a cup under the filter holder. Use the same cup that the
coffee will be served in, so that it may be preheated.
• Turn on the lower switch for about 20 seconds, then turn off so as to
partially fill the boiler. Some water may drip out from the dispensing
holes on the filter holder.
• Wait until the green "OK" light comes on, then turn on the lower
switch. Allow water to flow until the green "OK" light turns off, then
stop the flow of water by turning off the lower switch.
• Empty the cup, wait until the green "OK" light turns on again and
repeat the process.
Always remember to fill the tank when the water level is low
but be careful not to exceed the MAX level mark.
" symbol will turn on.



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