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How To Make Cappuccino - Haier HPE20SS User Manual

Stainless steel espresso & cappuccino maker
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How to Make Cappuccino

1. Turn on the upper switch. The red light next to the "
turn on. Then turn on the lower switch for about 20 seconds to let
the boiler fill partially, then turn off. Some water will drip out from
the dispensing holes on the filter holder. Wait until the green "OK"
light comes on, indicating that the boiler has reached the ideal
temperature for producing steam.
2. In the meantime, fill a container 1/4 full of milk (approx. 3 fl. oz. for
each cappuccino to be prepared). When choosing the container,
keep in mind that the volume of the milk will increase by 2 or 3
times. Cold low fat milk (not skim) will yield the best results.
3. Hold an empty container under the steam nozzle and open the
steam knob for a moment by turning counter-clockwise. Continue
until only steam comes out. This will purge any excess water from the
line. Close the steam knob by turning clockwise until it stops.
4. Position the container with milk under the steam nozzle and immerse
the tip of the steam nozzle about 3/4" into the milk and turn the
steam knob in a counter-clockwise direction. Hold the container at
an angle so that the steam creates a swirling motion in the froth.
Adjust the amount of steam that comes out from the steam nozzle by
turning the steam knob. The farther the steam knob is rotated, the
greater the volume of steam that will be released.
5. The milk will begin to increase in volume and will begin to appear
frothy. The container will need to be lowered as the froth increases in
volume. If there are large bubbles or if the milk begins to splatter,
lower the nozzle into the milk. When the froth has expanded to
about 3/4 the volume of the container, lower the steam nozzle into
the container to finish steaming the milk.
6. Once the milk has been frothed, keep the steam nozzle immersed in
the froth and turn off the steam by turning the steam dial in a
clockwise direction until it stops. Remove the steam nozzle from the
container of frothed milk.
7. It is very important to clean the steam nozzle immediately after each
use by wiping it with a damp cloth. Since milk residuals build up in
the tip of the steam nozzle after frothing the milk, this will prevent the
steam nozzle from clogging and will ensure perfect frothing results.
However, should the steam nozzle become clogged, follow the
directions in the section describing "Cleaning the Steam Nozzle".
8. Follow the instructions above in the "How to Prepare Espresso
Coffee" section using a cup that is large enough for cappuccino to
brew a single shot of espresso. Pour the frothed and steamed milk
into the cup of espresso slowly and add sugar to taste. Put on the
finishing touch with a sprinkle of powdered chocolate, cinnamon or
nutmeg on top of the froth.
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