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Water Supply Connection - Haier HI1MK Installation Instructions Manual

Automatic ice maker
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Water Supply Connection

This water supply installation is not warranted by the refrigerator
or icemaker manufacturer. Follow these instructions carefully to
minimize the risk of expensive water damage.
Supplies Required for Installation:
• Access to a household cold water line with water pressure between
20psi. and 120psi.
• A water supply line made of 1/4-inch OD, copper tubing. To determine
the length of the copper tubing needed, you will need to measure the
distance from the ice maker inlet valve at the back of the refrigerator to
your cold water pipe. Then add approximately 7 feet, so the refrigerator
can be moved out for service.
• A shutoff valve to connect the water supply line to your household
water system.
Note: Do Not use a self-piercing type shutoff valve.
• A compression nut and ferrule (sleeve) for connecting the water supply
line to the ice maker inlet valve.
1. Turn off the water supply at the shut off valve.
2. Remove the plastic cap from the water valve inlet.
3. Insert the brass compression nut and the ferrule (sleeve) onto the end of
the copper water line as shown in the picture.



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