Haier HI50IB20SS User Manual

Haier HI50IB20SS User Manual

Automatic undercounter ice maker


Automatic Undercounter
User Manual
Guide de l'Utilisateur
Ice Maker
Manual del Usuario
Automatic Undercounter
Ice Maker
Máquina de hielo automática
para debajo de la encimera


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  • Page 1 Automatic Undercounter User Manual Guide de l’Utilisateur Ice Maker Manual del Usuario Automatic Undercounter Model HI50IB20SS Ice Maker Máquina de hielo automática para debajo de la encimera...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SHootIng & WARRAnty Troubleshooting .....................22-23 Customer Service ....................24 Limited Warranty ....................25 PRoDUct REgIStRAtIon Thank you for purchasing our Haier Model number product. This easy-to-use manual will guide you in getting the best use of Serial number your ice maker.
  • Page 4: Page 2 • Safety Information

    IMPoRtAnt SAfEty InStRUctIonS WARnIng To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury when using your ice maker, follow these basic precautions. 1. Read all instructions before using the appliance. 2. Plug into a grounded 3-prong outlet; do not remove grounding prong, do not use an adapter, and do not use an extension cord.
  • Page 5 IMPoRtAnt SAfEty InStRUctIonS 11. If the ice maker will not be used for a long time, before the next use it must be thoroughly cleaned. Follow carefully any instructions provided for cleaning or use of sanitizing solution. Do not leave any solution inside the ice maker after cleaning. 12.
  • Page 6: Grounding Instructions

    The marked electrical rating of the cord set or extension cord must equal to or greater than the electrical rating of the appliance. notE: Neither Haier nor the dealer can accept any liability for damage to the ice maker or personal injury resulting from failure to observe the electrical connection procedures.
  • Page 7: Specifications

    SPEcIfIcAtIonS Electrical Power: 115VAC ~ 60Hz Ice-making /-harvest rated current: 3.0A/3.6A Refrigerant: R134a, 3.17 oz. Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 14⅝’’ x 23⅝” x 33½” Unit Weight: 84 lbs. Ice-making Capacity: 50 lbs. / day* ice Shape: Cube Ice Cube Dimensions: 3/4" x 3/4" x 1" The technical data and performance index listed above should be used for reference only.
  • Page 8: Set Up & Use

    PARtS & fEAtURES Water distribution tube Door Evaporator (ice mold) Water trough Float Ice Bucket Legs (not shown) Control panel Front louver panel Page 6 • Set uP and uSe...
  • Page 9: Parts & Features

    PARtS & fEAtURES Ice scoop Power cord Water inlet Drain outlet Drain hose Water supply hose Drain hose clamp Page 7 • Set uP & uSe...
  • Page 10: Unpacking

    InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS WARnIng Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install ice maker. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury. UnPAckIng • Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing alcohol, flammable fluids, or Remove packaging materials.
  • Page 11: Production Capacity

    InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. • This ice maker should be properly elements, such as wind, rain, water installed by qualified personnel. spray or drips. • To ensure proper ventilation for your • The unit should not be located next ice maker, the front of the unit must be to ovens, grills or other high heat completely unobstructed.
  • Page 12: Leveling The Ice Maker

    InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. lEVElIng tHE IcE MAkER You will find that the casters make it easy for one person to move the It is important for the ice maker to machine. This is useful for cleaning and be leveled in order to work properly. sanitizing the surface on which the ice Otherwise water will not flow properly maker is installed because it allows you...
  • Page 13 InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. 4. Keep the handle apart from the hinge 5. Push the plug buttons into the side. Align the door on the bottom original screw holes. See Figure hinge 1 and replace axis on the hinge below. 2. Tighten it firmly. See Figure below.
  • Page 14: Water Supply

    InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. WAtER SUPPly 5. Turn on main water supply and tap. Check for water supply connection The water supply should be ready at the leaks. Tighten every connection point of installation. The water supply (including connection at the water pressure should be a minimum of 15 inlet).
  • Page 15: Installation Types

    InStAllAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. 4. A floor drain is also acceptable. If Enclosed Installation: this is not possible, the use of a An enclosed installation will allow you condensate pump is recommended. to install the ice maker under a counter Recommended drain pump: top or in a kitchen cabinet provided the Little Giant model VCMX-20ULS required clearance space around the ice...
  • Page 16: Operating Instructions

    oPERAtIon InStRUctIonS fInAl cHEck lISt BEfoRE 6. Has the water supply pressure been checked to ensure a minimum of 15 oPERAtIon psig with a static pressure not to 1. Have all packing materials and tape exceed 80 psig? been removed from the interior and 7.
  • Page 17: Major Functions

    oPERAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. The “HARVEST” LED (yellow) will be blinking continuously during the ice size adjustment. 2. While in the Ice Size Adjustment mode, press the “Clean” button or the “Mode” button for the desired ice size. Description of lEDs and buttons: Smaller ice setting: 1.
  • Page 18 oPERAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. fInAl cHEck lISt BEfoRE Harvest: During the harvest cycle the compressor is still operating, but the oPERAtIon water pump has stopped. The hot gas Set the ON/OFF button to the ON valve opens, diverting hot refrigerant position. The machine will automatically gas into the evaporator.
  • Page 19: Normal Sounds

    oPERAtIon InStRUctIonS cont. noRMAl SoUnDS Preparing the ice maker for long storage Your new ice maker may make sounds If the ice maker will not be used for a that are not familiar to you. Most of the long time, or is to be moved to another new sounds are normal.
  • Page 20: Cleaning And Maintenance

    clEAnIng AnD MAIntEnAncE cAUtIon If the ice maker is left unused for a long time, before the next use it must be thoroughly cleaned. Follow carefully any instructions provided for cleaning or use of sanitizing solutions. Do not leave any solution inside the ice maker after cleaning.
  • Page 21 clEAnIng AnD MAIntEnAncE cont. Interior cleaning clean cloth, wipe down the interior The ice storage bin should be sanitized of unit and ice bin with a sanitizing occasionally. Clean the water trough solution made of 1 ounce of before the ice maker is used first household bleach or chlorine and 2 time and reused after stopping for an gallons of hot (95ºF –...
  • Page 22 clEAnIng AnD MAIntEnAncE cont. WARnIng DO NOT touch the condenser. They are sharp and can be easily damaged. Water distribution tube cleaning 1. Make sure that all the ice is off the When you find the ice cubes are evaporator. If ice is being formed, incompletely formed or the output is wait until the cycle is completed, then low, the water distribution tube may...
  • Page 23 clEAnIng AnD MAIntEnAncE cont. WARnIng The ice machine cleaner contains acids. DO NOT use or mix with any other solvent-based cleaner products. Use rubber gloves to protect hands. Carefully read the material safety instructions on the container of the ice machine cleaner. Discard the first batch of ice produced after cleaning.
  • Page 24: Trouble Shooting & Warranty

    tRoUBlESHootIng Check your problem by using the chart below and try the solutions for each problem. tRoUBlE PoSSIBlE cAUSE PoSSIBlE REMEDy The machine The ice maker is unplugged. Plug the ice maker in. doesn’t operate. The fuse is blown. Replace fuse. If it happens again, call for service to The ice maker power button is set check for a short circuit in...
  • Page 25 tRoUBlESHootIng tRoUBlE PoSSIBlE cAUSE PoSSIBlE REMEDy Cubes are partially Not enough water in the water Check if the water supply formed or are white trough. pressure is below 15 psig. on the bottom. Check water supply or filter may be restricted. Check for a water leak at the water trough.
  • Page 26: Customer Service

    SERVIcE IMPoRtAnt Do not REtURn tHIS PRoDUct to tHE StoRE If you have a problem with this product, please contact the Haier Customer Satisfaction Center at 1-877-337-3639. DATED PROOF OF PURCHASE, MODEL # AND SERIAL # REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY SERVICE notE: Ice maker WARRANTY does not cover purchased &...
  • Page 27: Limited Warranty

    - Damage from misuse, abuse, accident, which vary, from state to state. alteration, lack of proper care and maintenance or incorrect current or Haier America voltage. New York, NY 10018 - Damage from other than household use.
  • Page 28 Model # HI50IB20SS 115 V, 60 Hz Printed in China Issued Date: August 2014 Made in China Haier America Fabriqué en Chine Wayne, NJ 07470 Hecho en China ©2014 Haier America Trading, LLC.

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