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Haier HI1MK Installation Instructions Manual page 11

Automatic ice maker
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6. Coil the excess water supply line behind refrigerator, as shown in
fig. # 12 and arrange the coils so they do not vibrate or wear against
other surfaces.
7. Turn ON the water supply at the shutoff valve and tighten any
connections that leak.
8. Reconnect the refrigerator to the power supply.
9. To turn the icemaker ON, lower the auto shut-off arm.
Important: It takes approximately 24 hours for the ice maker to produce
ice. New plumbing may cause ice discoloration and poor
flavor. Discard ice made in the first 24 hours.
Automatic Ice Maker Tips
Remember that the water quality determines your ice quality. Do not
connect the ice maker to water that is softened. Chemicals from a
malfunctioning softener can damage the icemaker.
To stop the ice maker, lift the wire arm until it clicks and locks in the OFF
(raised) position. The ice maker turns OFF automatically when the ice
container is full. If your model has an adjustable freezer shelf, place the
shelf so that when the ice container is full, the
ice will hit the wire signal arm.
Ice Maker Tips:
• Ice stored too long may develop an odd
flavor. Empty the container and make sure
the wire arm is in its ON (lowered)
position. The ice maker will then produce ice.
• Keep the wire arm in OFF position until the
refrigerator is connected to the water supply or whenever the water
supply is turned OFF.
• The following sounds are normal when the ice maker is operating.
• Running motor
• Ice dropping into ice container
• Running water
• Water valve opening or closing
• Do Not wash the ice container in your dishwasher.
• Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer or when leaving for short
• If the ice maker has to be turned OFF for a long period of time,
turn the water supply valve to the closed position.
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