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Important Safety Instructions; Tools Required For Installation - Haier HI1MK Installation Instructions Manual

Automatic ice maker
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Important Safety Instructions

1) To avoid electric shock, which can cause death or severe personal injury,
disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical power before connecting a
water supply line to the refrigerator.
2) Do not place fingers or hand on the automatic ice making mechanism
while the refrigerator is plugged in. This will help protect you from
possible injury. It will also prevent interference with moving parts of the
ejector mechanism and the heating element that releases the cubes.
To avoid property damage:
• Copper tubing is recommended for the water supply line. Water
supply tubing should be 1/4". Plastic is not recommended since it
greatly increases the potential for water leaks.
• Do not install water supply tubing in areas where the temperature
falls below freezing.
• Connect the ice maker to a drinkable water source that is not tied
into a water softening system. Chemicals from the softener may
damage the ice maker, causing it to malfunction.
Supplies Required for Installation
The following items are required to install the ice maker.
a) 1/4 inch copper supply line with shut off valve.
b) 1/4 inch brass compression nut and ferrule (sleeve).
• The copper tubing and shut off valve should be available at your local
hardware or plumbing supply store. Coil enough tubing in the back of the
unit to allow movement for cleaning.

Tools Required for Installation

Plastic putty knife
Phillips screwdriver
1/4-inch socket wrench or nut driver
Adjustable wrench
Needle nose pliers
Power drill with Phillips bit #2



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