Help And Service Tips - Beko 15LB450 Operating Instructions Manual

15” lcd tv
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Help and service tips

The TV does not work
Make sure it is plugged into the mains supply
and switched on.
Poor picture
• Is the aerial plugged in?
• If you are using a set top aerial is it
properly aligned for the best signal.
• Make sure the aerial is not to close to
neon lights, loudspeakers etc.
• Try changing the direction of the outdoor
aerial. High buildings and mountains can
cause ghost pictures or double images.
• The picture quality may be reduced by
connecting two external sources at once.
Disconnect one of the sources.
• Adjust the fine tuning.
No picture (TV)
• Is the aerial plugged in properly?
• Is the aerial lead damaged?
• Are all the plugs in the aerial lead fitted
• Have you pressed the correct buttons on
the remote control?
No picture (PC)
• Is the VGA lead commected
• Is the PC switcmed on
No sound
• Is the sound muted? Press the Mute
• Is the volume turned down?
Sound coming from only one
• Is the balance set to one side? See the
sound menu.
No response to the remote control
• Try changing the batteries.
• Is there an obstruction between the
remote control and the sensor on the TV.
If nothing works
If you have tried the above solutions and none
seem to work, try switching the unit off and
on again.
If this does not work contact your supplier or
TV repair technician. Never attempt to
repair a defective TV yourself.

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