Beko 19WLM550DHID Instruction Manual
Beko 19WLM550DHID Instruction Manual

Beko 19WLM550DHID Instruction Manual

19" and 22" lcd tv
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Instruction Manual

19 22
Model 19WLM550DHID 22WLM550DHID
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Summary of Contents for Beko 19WLM550DHID

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual " " 19 22 LCD TV Model 19WLM550DHID 22WLM550DHID English Version...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To r e d u c e t h e r i s k o f f i r e o r e l e c t r i c s h o c k , d o n o t e x p o s e t h i s e q u i p m e n t t o r a i n o r m o i s t u r e .
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To prevent any injuries, the following safety precautions should be observed in the installation, use, servicing and maintenance of this equipment. Before operating this equipment, please read this manual completely, and keep it nearby for future reference. Do not place the equipment on any uneven or unstable carts, stands, tables, shelves etc..
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS TV User Guide Do not attempt to service the equipment yourself. Opening and removing the covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or any other hazards and may void your warranty. Refer service from qualified personnel. Do not place or drop any other objects on top. Do not insert anything into the ventilation holes of your equipment.Inserting any metal or flammable objects may result to fire or electric shock.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    PREPARATION ... Features ... Package Contents ...6 TV ...7 Front View ...7 Rear View ...10 Remote Control ...11 USING THE FEATURES ... Watching your TV ... Wide-Screen Mode ...14 First Time Installation ... Picture ...16 Sound ...17 Setup ...18 Timer ...22 Function ...
  • Page 6: Preparation

    PREPARATION C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s o n t h e p u r c h a s e o f y o u r n e w H i g h D e f i n i t i o n C o m p a t i b l e Te l e v i s i o n .
  • Page 7: Package Contents

    Package Contents Once you open the box, make sure all of the following contents are included. If missing any items, please return this product to the original place of purchase. Remote control/ AAA batteries These items are all you need to set up and operate the TV *Most devices (VCRs, DVD player, etc.) come with the necessary cable for connection.
  • Page 8 DESCRIPTION Front View ITEM 1 VOL+ 2 VOL 3 CH+ 4 CH 5 MENU 6 AV/TV POWER 8 LED 9 IR PREPARATION DESCRIPTION Volume up/right orientation Volume down/left orientation TV channel up/up orientation TV channel down/down orientation MENU/ENTER Select the input signals Power On/Off (Standby) The LED light indicates when the TV is activated Infrared Receiver...
  • Page 9: Front View

    LCD TV Front View ITEM DVD Pause DVD Play DVD Stop DVD Open/Close Next Previous PREPARATION...
  • Page 10: Rear View

    Rear View ITEM 1 DC 12V IN 2 HDMI 3 VGA 4 SCART 5 S-VIDEO 6 CVBS 7 PC Audio 8 Earphone out 9 CI 10 RF 75 PREPARATION DESCRIPTION Power input interface 12V DC . Connects to a digital set-top box or other deceives with a HDMI interface.
  • Page 11 Remote Control LCD TV POWER Turns the TV on and into standby mode . MUTE Mutes and restores your TV sound. 0 9 - , -/-- TV channel number select or Teletext page number select - -- One bit two bit or three bit TV channel select. Return your latest program.
  • Page 12 Remote Control LCD TV TEXT HOLD LANG AUDIO REVEAL ANGLE SUBPAGE ZOOM TEXT witch to Teletex with text mode HOLD Toggle hold on or off for current display page LANG AUDIO To show the list of audio languages available for the current channel.Just in DVB mode Select mode .
  • Page 13: Remote Control

    Remote Control Installing the batteries in your remote control Pull the tab of the back cover and pull up on the cover to open the battery compartment of the remote control. Insert two AAA size batteries. Make sure to match the (+) and (-) ends of the batteries with the (+) and (-) ends indicated in the battery compartment.
  • Page 14: Using The Features

    Using the Features Watching your TV If the TV does not display any picture,please check all the connections. ASPECT MENU FAV- FAV+ LANG SUBTITLE AUDIO ANGLE ZOOM PROG INTRO REPEAT Note: (see page 15, USING THE FEATURES Press the POWER Press the INPUT Press the...
  • Page 15: Wide-Screen Mode

    Wide-Screen Mode Wide-Screen mode allows you watch the broadcasts with various picture format in wide screen mode. Press the mode settings. Press the ASPECT button to select repeatedly modes settings as follows: Note: You can only select 4:3 and 16:9 (Wide) in RGB[PC], HDMI mode only. You can only select 4:3, 16:9 (Wide) and Zoom in RGB[DTV], HDMI[DTV], Component [DTV] mode only.
  • Page 16: First Time Installation

    First Time Installation First Time Installation Country Language Delete Analog Program Analog Program Search Delete Digital Program Digital Program Search Select Press Auto Tuning Searching Exit MENU You can press LCD-MENU button to stop auto tuning and close the OSD menu. Begin auto tuning in DTV channel.
  • Page 17: Picture

    ATV Menu PICTURE menu options Press MENU button on the front panel or the main menu. Picture Mode Select picture mode in PICTURE If you change the value of Contrast,Brightness,Colour,Tint,Sharpness or Colour temperature on the picture menu,the picture mode will be changed to “Personal” automatically. You may select the picture mode directly by pressing TIPS : You can press PMOD button on the remote control to select the...
  • Page 18: Sound

    SET UP ATV Menu SOUND menu options Press MENU button on the front panel or the main menu. Volume Press button and then use Volume After adjusting the value you want,press Sound Mode Select Sound Mode in SOUND If you change the value of Bass and Treble on the Sound menu,the sound mode will be changed to “Personal”...
  • Page 19 SET UP ATV Menu SETUP menu options Press MENU button on the front panel or the main menu. NOTE:SETUP menus are different for different input sources,if the input source is selected and there are no relative input signal, SETPUT menu of TV input: Country This option allows you to select the country.
  • Page 20 ATV Menu Manual Tuning This option allows you to perform Manual Tuning. NOTE:Before you perform Manual Tuning,you must choose the country where you are by selecting Country optiom. Program The current program Sound System Press to select a corresponding sound system,such as I,DK,BG. Colour System Press to select a corresponding colour system,such as Auto,PAL,SECAM.
  • Page 21 SET UP ATV Menu Program Edit This function allows ypu to sort the TV programs according to ypur preferences,as following: Favorite:Press green button on remote control to select the favourite programs. Press button to open the select the channel you want to watch. Skip:Press yellow button on remote control to select which programs you want to skip.
  • Page 22 SET UP ATV Menu SETUP menu of input(for setting the PC picture position): SETUP menu of HDMI input(for setting the HDMI picture position): USING THE FEATURES...
  • Page 23: Timer

    SET UP ATV Menu Timer menu options Press MENU button on the front panel or the main menu. Sleep Timer Select the sleep time to put automatically the TV in standby mode.Timer can be selected as 0min, 15min,30min,45min,60min,75min,90min,105min,120min.Also you can select the sleep time by pressing SLEEP button repeatedly.
  • Page 24 SET UP ATV Menu Child Lock Press ENTER button to set the child lock. You need to enter the PIN code if the empty,you can press ENTER TIPS:The superuser’s(administrator’s)password is 4711. Child Lock Press ENTER btton to set the child lock. Key Lock Press ENTER...
  • Page 25 SET UP DTV Menu Channel List options Press ENTER button to open the Channel List,then press want to watch. Favorite List options Press FAV button open the Favorite List,then press to select the channel you to select the channel you want to watch. USING THE FEATURES...
  • Page 26 SET UP DTV Menu Channel Search options 1. Press button to select 2. Press button to select your option what you want to adjust in the 3. Press button to adjust. 4. When you are satisfied with your adjustment,press the menu or press the EXIT button to exit the main menu.
  • Page 27 SET UP DTV Menu Program Edit This function allows you to edit the DTV programs according to your preferences,as following: Common Interface If you have inserted the CI card to the TV,you can see the information of the it. USING THE FEATURES...
  • Page 28: Epg

    SET UP EPG Menu EPG(Electronic Programme Guide) options Use EPG button on the remote control to display the EPG menu directly as below: Press to navigate the menu. Press button again to exit EPG. Press yellow/blue button to select advance day. Press button to set the reminder function.
  • Page 29: Dvd Setup Menu

    SET UP DVD SETUP Menu 1 Input mode DVD. Press DVD SETUP key show the main menu. 3 Press to chose items that are going to be set up Then pres 4 Press to move the highlight to the items that is to be setup Press press to the setup menu 5 Press...
  • Page 30 SET UP DVD SETUP Menu DOLBY DYNAMIC: Screen display as following Video Preference USING THE FEATURES Sharpness Adjust the sharpness of the picture Brightness Adjust the Brightness of the picture Contrast Adjust the Contrast of the picture Audio Set Audio language Subtitle Set Subtitle language Disc...
  • Page 31: Specification

    SPECIFICATIONS Panel System Display Resolution Television System Inputs/Output HDMI input VGA input SCART input S-VIDEO input CVBS input/AUDIO(L/R) AUDIO Earphone out CI slot OSD language Speaker Out Power supply Power Waste 19 inch LCD panel 22 inch LCD panel 1680 1440 ( )×...
  • Page 32: Guarantee


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