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  • Page 1 LCD COLOUR TELEVISIONS 15LB250MID Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Important Information ... 1 1.1 Cleaning the screen and cabinet..1 1.2 Disposing of your TV at the end of service life..1 1.3-Superior features of your integrated digital television ...1 1.4-Receiving digital broadcasting channels ...1 2.Features of your new television ... 2 2.1-Special Features ...2 3.Important Safety Instructions ...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Important Information LCD panels are produced with state-of-the-art technology. However, there may be black or lit spots on the screen under certain circumstances. That does not mean that the product is faulty. 1.1 Cleaning the screen and cabinet... After powering off, wipe the screen and the cabinet clean with a soft and dry cloth. We recommend that you do not use patented polishes or solvents to clean the screen or cabinet since they may cause damage.
  • Page 4: Features Of Your New Television

    Features of your new television We would like this product, which has been manufactured in modern facilities in accordance with total quality principles, to offer you the best performance. Therefore, we would like you to read this entire manual carefully before you use your product and keep it for future reference. 2.1-Special Features •...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions This symbol is used to warn the user about the “dangerous voltage” contained inside the housing of the product that may create a risk of electrical shock. This symbol is used to remind the user important usage and service instructions supplied with the television.
  • Page 6 10) Never operate your TV close to water. Operating your TV, for example, near a bathtub, washbasin, wet basement and swimming pool can cause fire or electric shock. • Do not allow your TV to get wet. Never pour any liquids onto the TV. Do not operate your TV if any solid or liquid substance enters into...
  • Page 7 17) Consult authorised service personnel for service requirements. Never attempt to repair the TV yourself. Opening the cabinet can expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazardous situations. Service is required in situations such as damage to the mains lead of the TV or its plug, water spills or substances falling into the TV, the TV is subjected to rain or moisture, it does not operate normally or...
  • Page 8 22) Connection of mains Cable Always use the mains cable supplied. First of all insert the mains cable into the input panel of the CTV, and only there after into the mains supply socket. 23) ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS For your own safety read the following instructions carefully before attempting to replace the moulded mains plug.
  • Page 9: Start

    Start Remove your television carefully from its box. You can keep the packaging of your television to use in future. Items supplied with your television Mains lead (*) Adaptor (*) Remote control 2 batteries Note: The Scart, VGA (*) and PHONO cables are not supplied with the device.
  • Page 10: Your New Television

    Your new television 5.1-TV Control Panel Power / Standby button 5.2-External Connections 1-Power input 2-Aerial input 3-AV1 scart 4- Video input PHONO connector 5- Audio input PHONO connector (L) 6- Audio input PHONO connector (R) 7-VGA (PC connection input) (*) 8- PC audio input (*) 9- CI Slot Input Note: Above drawing for external connections is representational.
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    5.4-Remote Control Stand-by mode On/Off button Temporary sound mute (Mute) button Source menu button Picture Format selection button Subtitle selection button (D) Sound selection button (D) Numeric buttons Favorite channel selection button (D) Page Stop button in Txt mode (Hold) EPG selection button (D) Question/Answer button in Txt mode (Reveal) Information button...
  • Page 12: Performing The Initial Power-On Settings

    Performing the initial power-on settings 6.1-TV controls 6.1.1-Temporary on/off (STAND-BY) When you press the red STANDBY button on your remote control while your television is switched on, the sound and the picture will go off. In the stand-by mode, the power indicator of your television will glow brighter.
  • Page 13: Turning On The Tv And Setting The Channels

    6.2-Turning on the TV and Setting the Channels LANGUAGE menu displays when you turn on your television for the first time. Using the Right/Left movement buttons, select the desired language. Then, the COUNTRY SELECTION menu will be displayed. Select the country by using Up/Down, Left/Rightmovement buttons and press OK button to start the auto programming.
  • Page 14: Program Table

    Highlight the Channel tab by means of Up/Down buttons and directly enter the frequency number of the channel you want to search, if you know, by using the numeric keys on the remote control. If you don’t know the frequency number, you can scan frequencies by using the Left/ Right movement buttons.
  • Page 15 favorite channels list You can create 6 favorite channel lists according to your personal preferences. To do this press the RED button when you are in Program table. Favorite Lists will be displayed. All TV channels can be seen on the Left hand side and favorite channels on the Right hand side.
  • Page 16: Performing Analogue Tunings Settings You can select subtitle and sound language provided that the broadcast is supported for all digital broadcasting channels. Unless you make a selection, the language supported by the broadcaster will be selected automatically. To perform language selection, select Subtitling Language 1, Subtitling Language 2, Audio Language 1, Audio Language 2 tab from the...
  • Page 17: Channel Number

    movement buttons in Setup menu, enter the channel number to be searched and stored automatically, then select AUTOPROGRAM tab by using the Up/Down movement buttons and press OK button; Country Selection menu will be displayed. In the Country Selection menu, select the country, whose broadcast you would like to watch in priority, by pressing the Up/Down or Right/Left movement buttons and start...
  • Page 18: Fine Tuning you do not know the channel number Press the MENU button. Move to the SETUP menu by pressing the down movement button in the Main Menu and confirm your selection with the OK button. The Setup menu is displayed. Select the system in which you would like to make the search from the SYSTEM tab and move to the CHANNEL tab by pressing...
  • Page 19: The Settings On Your New Television a stored channel: In the event that you do not wish to see certain programs while navigating through the channels using the Up/ Down buttons, then you can use this function. Select the program that will be hidden by pressing the Up/Down or Right/ Left movement buttons while you are in the program table.
  • Page 20: Features Menu Settings

    PICTURE BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST COLOUR SHARPNESS COLOUR TEMP. NORMAL CHANGE You can select the desired title to be processed from this menu. You can select the desired setting by pressing the Up/Down movement buttons and adjust their levels with Right/Left movement buttons.
  • Page 21: Teletext

    7.3.2-Digital Features You can adjust the Digital TV features from this menu. See page 12-13. 7.3.3-Active Aerial When this feature is set to On, you can feed an external aerial you will connect to your Teletext Being one of the most prominent services of broadcasting today, Teletext renders the TV more fruitful.
  • Page 22 This button allows you to switch to the television picture while the page you want is being searched in the teletext broadcast eliminating the need to wait during the search. You may switch to the television picture by pressing the ( button while Teletext is searching for your desired page.
  • Page 23: External Equipment Connection

    External equipment connection: You can connect various compatible audio and video devices to your television. AV inputs: Press the AV button on your remote control. Source menu will be displayed. Here, you can select whichever input you would like. DIGITAL: While in the AV or Analog TV modes, move onto this option and press OK button for switching to the Digital TV mode.
  • Page 24: Connecting A Video Recorder Device And A Digital Satellite Receiver

    9.2.3-PC Setting Enter into the SETUP menu from the Main Menu by pressing the MENU button in the PC mode. In order to make the necessary settings in this menu, you can use the P+/P- / -VOL/VOL+ movement buttons on your remote control.
  • Page 25: Technical Specifications Chart

    • Temporary sound mute may be on. Try pressing the mute button. • Is the sound turned down? The remote control does not function • Try replacing the batteries. • Make sure that there are no obstructions between the remote control and television.
  • Page 26: Main Uk Transmitter Stations

    MAIN UK TRANSMITTER STATIONS UHF CHANNELS Regional Main stations BBCI BBC2 North West Caldbeck Winter Hill Douglas (IOM) North Belmont Emley Moor North East Bilsdale West Moor Chalton Pontop Pike Midlands (West) Ridge Hill Sutton Coldfield The Wreckin Mindlands (East) Waltham South West Beacon Hill...
  • Page 27: 13.Guarantee And Service

    • The cost of all functional replacement parts,excluding remote control batteries • The labour costs of a Beko approved repairer to carry out the repair • You may be offered a replacement instead of repair under guarantee. You dealer will advise you.
  • Page 28 HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE Congratulations on your choice of a Beko colour television.Your new television has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to give you many years of use.To get the best out of it,please take a few moments to read the instruction book.
  • Page 29 FAU.801...

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