Getting Started; Aerial Connection; Switching On; Battery Fitting - Beko 15LB450 Operating Instructions Manual

15” lcd tv
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Getting started

Remove your Television carefully
from the box. You may wish to
store the packaging for future use.
Carton Contents
Inside the cartoon you should have:
• TV with stand
•Accessories box
• Power cord
• Adaptor
• Remote control
• Batteries
Read these instructions before use.

Aerial connection

Plug the aerial lead into the aerial socket
on the rear of the TV.
You can use an outdoor or indoor aerial.
However, if you use an indoor aerial the
quality of the reception may be reduced
and adjustment of the aerial may be
required when changing programs.
Please note
If you live in a poor reception area or use an
indoor aerial you may experience loss or
corruption of teletext and nicam stereo
sound transmissions.

Battery fitting

Insert the 2 AAA Batteries supplied into the
compartment on the rear of the remote control, ensure
you follow the polarity diagram inside the
Switching on and First Use
1. Connect the power cord to the mains adaptor.
2. Connect the input plug of the adaptor to the
12 V DC socket on the back panel of the LCD TV.
3. Connect adapter mains plug to a suitable
mains socket.
Note 1: Your TV will switch to stand-by mode
in five minutes when there is no broadcast signal.
Note 2: Your TV is equipped to operate with the
panel buttons, "MENU", "PR+", "PR-", "VOL +",
"VOL -" in case your R/C is broken or you run out
of batteries.
Please Note
When not in use disconnect the plug
from the mains power supply.
Press the Power button on
the side of the TV. The
standby indicator will
Press a Numeric button or the
Program up/down button on the
remote handset or Program up/down
or MENU button on the panel to
switch the TV on.
The standby indicator will dim.
The picture will appear after a
few seconds.
Press the Standby button on the remote
to switch the TV to standby. The standby
indicator will brighten.
Please Note
Do not leave the television in standby
unattended or overnight.
Switching the TV on for the first time
To install your TV, please read the sections
"TV controls" and " Tuning the television".

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