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15" LCD TV
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  • Page 1 15” LCD TV 15LB450S Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Tuning the TV ..............8 Automatic tuning .............8 Manual tuning..............9 Program organising ............11 TV setup ...............12 Sound menu ..............12 Sound Features ..............13 Picture menu..............14 Features Menu ...............14 Using teletext............16-17 Connecting external equipment ......18-24 Help and service tips ...........25 Technical specifications table ........26 Guarantee..............27-28...
  • Page 3: Special Features

    Thank you for buying this television which is designed to give you many years of satisfactory service. You may already be familiar with using a television but do please take time to read these instructions. They are designed to familiarise you with the unit’s many new features and to ensure you get the very best out of your purchase.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety is Important Your safety and the safety of others is important. Please, therefore, ensure you read the Safety instructions before you operate this television. Safety instructions Read all the safety instructions before first use of your TV. • Position the television so that direct light does not fall on the screen.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Note 2: Your TV is equipped to operate with the store the packaging for future use. panel buttons, “MENU”, “PR+”, “PR-”, “VOL +”, “VOL -” in case your R/C is broken or you run out Carton Contents of batteries. Inside the cartoon you should have: Please Note •...
  • Page 6: Control Unit

    Please note • Remove cover to gain acess to connections. • Do not use Video Phono and S-Video connections at the same time, otherwise they will effect the picture. • RGB inputs from scart will give you better picture quality.
  • Page 7 Press OK button when CHANNEL a bit of fine tuning may be required. row is blue. In the SETUP menu use the Use OK button to select “S” for cable channels and “C”...
  • Page 8: Program Organising

    Program organising Please Note 1. Some TV channels send their names Once you have tuned in all the channels you with teletext transmission. In this case want, you can change their programme their names will be automatically shown number, if required, and name them.
  • Page 9: Sound Menu

    Please Note Please note If, while watching a nicam stereo channel, If you do not press any buttons for 15 seconds the signal strength drops and the system the TV will exit the menu system. cannot receive nicam stereo the OSD will show MONO.
  • Page 10 SPATIAL sound is an ‘expanded stereo’. It frequency band levels. gives the impression that the two speakers in Use the Volume up button to select the TV are further apart than they really are. the KHz column you want to change. Select AVL using Program up/down Use the Program up/down buttons.
  • Page 11: Picture Menu

    SMART CONTROL USER menu. NOISE REDUCTION Features Menu (Purple button) The picture menu allows you to set up the To select Features menu press the menu button and using the following: Program up and down buttons BRIGHTNESS select Features.
  • Page 12 Timer function, you can switch to a be watched by children. specific programme at a pre-programmed time or you can turn your TV off at the You can cancel child lock any time time you want. you want. To cancel Child Lock, select Child Lock as OFF when Press OK to access the Timer menu.
  • Page 13: Using Teletext

    The text will be index. superimposed over the TV programme. Please Note No on screen display is available in text mode. Press the button again to return The contrast, brightness and colour cannot be to the text page. changed but the volume control is still available.
  • Page 14 To continue moving through the sub pages press the HOLD button again. Fastext At the bottom of the teletext screen is a row To select a sub page of subject headings in red, green yellow and If the page of text you are viewing blue.
  • Page 15: Connecting External Equipment

    Plug one end of the PHONO lead into the Via SCART video and audio out sockets on the back of the Make sure the TV and video recorder are video recorder and plug the other end into both switched off.
  • Page 16 (if fitted). sockets. Plug a coaxial plug into the RF out socket on the rear of the video recorder and plug the other end into the aerial socket of the TV.
  • Page 17 DOUBLE Stop (Text) button HOLD Numeric Sub page button (Text) UPDATE TV mode button (Text) Two digit -/-- Mix and TV/PC mode button TV/PC Program up TV/Teletext Menu Volume down Volume up 16:9 Picture format Personal preference Green teletext button...
  • Page 18 DELETE Program down). Please Note: If you will not be using your TV for a long time, do not leave it in Stand- Use the Program up and Program By mode, instead switch it off from the power down buttons to scroll through the button on the front panel of the TV set programme numbers.
  • Page 19 Personal preference. Press the Please Note PP button to revert to the If the TV is set to a channel with no signal the default settings for the TV. TV will return to standby in 5 minutes. (See TV setup).
  • Page 20 Please note Manual tuning If you do not press any buttons for 15 seconds If you want to tune manually: the TV will exit the menu system. In the Setup menu select PROGRAM NO using Use the Program down button to...
  • Page 21: Connecting A Dvd Player

    Make sure the TV and DVD player are both player switched off. Via SCART Plug one end of the PHONO lead into the video Make sure the TV and DVD player are both and audio out sockets on the back of the switched off.
  • Page 22: Connecting A Decoder

    Connecting a decoder Plug one end of the PHONO lead into the video and audio out sockets on the back of the Via SCART decoder and plug the other end into the video Make sure the TV and decoder are both and audio in sockets on the TV.
  • Page 23 Connecting TV with video and satellite/digital receiver Satellite/digital receiver Video Rear of TV Aerial out Aerial out Video Scart socket Scart socket Scart socket Scart 1 Aerial Aerial Aerial in socket Connecting TV with camcorder S-Video In Camcorder Connecting TV games and computer...
  • Page 24 / PR to exit press “menu” on the TV. Note 1: When the system is in the monitor mode, the sound from the TV channel selected may be heard from the speakers.When you enter this mode, the sound control buttons on...
  • Page 25 1. No SYNC: The VGA input code (resolution) is missing. The "NO SYNC" message appears on the display. The message stays on the screen for 30 seconds and if no other VGA input signal that is supported by the system is not provided within that period, the system will go to "POWER SAVING"...
  • Page 26: Help And Service Tips

    Poor picture • Is the aerial plugged in? Sound coming from only one • If you are using a set top aerial is it speaker properly aligned for the best signal. • Is the balance set to one side? See the •...
  • Page 27: Technical Specifications Table

    RF Aerial input ........75 ohm (unbalanced) Speaker empedance ......8 ohm Sound Systems........Mono/Stereo/NICAM Batteries ..........2x AAA Receiving channels ....... VHF (Band I Channels 2-4) ............. VHF (Band III Channels 5-12) ............... UHF (Channels 21-69) .............. Cable TV (S1-S20/S21-S41)
  • Page 28: Guarantee

    Guarantee - Television Your new television is guaranteed against the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months from the date of the original purchase. (* see note below for small screen sets) What is covered? • All repairs necessary as a result of faulty materials, defective components or manufacturing defect.
  • Page 29 Our service receptionist will ask you for your product model number, your retailer's name, and the date of purchase when you call. It will assist you if you complete the box at the bottom of this page when you take delivery of your television so that the information is readily available should you need it.
  • Page 30 BEKO plc, Beko House, Caxton Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8UF Tel: 0870 7741050 Fax: 01923 819653 E-Mail: TN4.801...

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