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The installation of the DCM-200 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem can be completed in a matter of minutes. Be careful
to insure the cables are properly locked into position. Follow these steps (see the figure of the rear panel in
Identifying External Components):
1. Connect the coaxial TV cable to the DCM-200 jack labeled "CABLE IN."
2. Connect the external power adapter into the connector labeled "POWER" and the other end to the
electrical outlet.
3. Connect one end of the USB cable into one of your PC's USB ports and the other end into the Cable
Modem connector labeled "USB," or, in the event a USB port is not available on your PC, connect one end
of the 10BASE-T Ethernet cable (Category 5 or better) to one of your PC's Ethernet ports and the other
end into the DCM-200 connector labeled "ETHERNET."
After you attach the cables, the operating system of your PC should detect the new device when the DCM-200 is
powered on. The final step is to install a driver for the DCM-200 on either your desktop or laptop computer.
Your setup should look something like this:
Important Notice:
♦ The DCM-200 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem can only work with either the Ethernet port or the USB port at
one time. They CANNOT work simultaneously.
♦ If you connect both the USB port and Ethernet port to different PCs, only the PC connected to the USB port
will be able to get the IP address and establish a link onto the Internet.
♦ If you first connect the DCM-200 to the Ethernet port on your PC and then later connect the USB port, the
Ethernet connection will be dropped and the DCM-200 will begin the process of finding a downstream
channel to lock into by the USB connection. At this juncture the DCM-200 Status LED will start blinking
quickly. Once a channel has been secured, the LED will begin to blink slowly, until the connection has been
established. At that point, the LED will remain lit.
♦ If you have established a connection between the DCM-200 and a USB port on a PC and then later decide to
plug the USB cable into a USB port on another PC, the DCM-200 will restart. See the Status LED entry of
the "Understanding Indicators" chapter for further information.
♦ If you shift the Ethernet cable from one PC to another PC, the second PC will not be able to link onto the
Internet until you reboot the DCM-200 by unplugging the power cord and then reinserting it into the


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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