Setting Up The Device; Before You Start; Local Cable Service; Minimum System Requirements - D-Link DCM-200 Manual

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Setting Up the Device

Before You Start

Local Cable Service

You will need to establish an account with your local cable operator in order to access the Internet
with this modem. They will assist you in setting up the modem to operate on their network.
Then for your modem to communicate with the cable service, you will first need to be able to identify the cable
modem. On the cable modem find the make and model (i.e. D-Link DCM-200). The Cable Media Access Control
(CMAC) address is a unique number that is used for the purpose of identifying the modem on the network. The
CMAC address is found on the rear panel of the modem. Serial Number is found on the bottom of the cable
modem. You may be required to provide the following information to your cable service operator. For convenient
reference you can write the Modem Make and Model, CMAC address, and Serial Number in the space provided
Serial Number ________________________________________________

Minimum System Requirements

The capabilities and limitations of your computer equipment and configuration can affect the overall performance
of your Internet connection.
The DCM-200 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem is designed to work with the following operating systems:
♦ Windows 95/98 (Only support Ethernet function)
The following operating systems can support both USB/Ethernet function
♦ Windows XP
♦ Windows 2000
♦ Windows ME (Millennium Edition)
♦ 98 SE (Second Edition)
♦ Active Ethernet Port or NIC installed
♦ TCP/IP installed on all devices
All computers not using the USB interface that are connected to the modem must have either an active Ethernet
interface or network interface card (NIC) installed. You will need to enable TCP/IP protocol on each computer.
TCP/IP should already be installed in any computer with an active Ethernet interface. The instructions for
installing TCP/IP vary depending on the type of system used. These instructions will be included with the NIC or
discussed in the computer's manual if your PC comes equipped with an Ethernet port. Your cable operator may
have additional instructions for TCP/IP configuration that must be followed.
Modem Make and Model ______________________________________
CMAC address _______________________________________________
DCM-200 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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