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Docsis 1.1 upgradable usb/ethernet cable modem
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Thank you for choosing the D-Link DCM-200 digital, two-way DOCSIS 1.0-compliant USB/Ethernet Cable
The DCM-200 provides customers with high-speed access to the Internet through the cable TV (CATV) network.
It works on any cable system that complies with MCNS DOCSIS specifications and provides a high-bandwidth
connection to the Internet. It can download Web pages almost instantly, transfers files at exceptionally fast
speeds, and delivers real-time video and music with unsurpassed quality.
The DCM-200 modem digitizes data and sends it over the cable at up to 10.2 Mbps and can receive transmissions
at up to 42.88 Mbps. To give you an idea of just how fast this is, digitized television quality video and audio are
transmitted together at about 3 Mbps.
The DCM-200 includes both a USB cable interface and a standard RJ-45 port for a 10BASE-T connection to a
computer or computer network. When properly configured these connections allow simultaneous data transfers to
an existing IP data network or the Internet via the cable company's network.

Box Contents

Open the shipping carton and carefully remove all items. In addition to this User's Manual, make sure that you
have the following:
♦ DCM-200 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem
♦ DCM-200 driver diskette
♦ External power adapter
♦ USB cable
♦ Category 5 Ethernet cable
♦ Quick Install Guide
If any item is found missing or damaged, please contact your reseller.


Designed for versatility and performance, the USB/Ethernet Cable Modem provides the following:
Product Features
♦ MCNS/DOCSIS 1.0 compliant
♦ DOCSIS 1.1 upgradeable from DOCSIS 1.0 by software
♦ Building MCNS MIB
♦ Frequency Agility
♦ DES Encryption and Decryption
♦ Automatic Signal Power Recognition/Adjustment
♦ Baseline Privacy Interface
♦ QPSK/16 QAM Upstream Modulation
♦ 64/256 QAM Downstream Modulation
♦ USB 1.1 compliant


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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