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Cautions Concerning Operation; Installation Guidelines; Filter Guidelines - Sharp FP-A60UW Operation Manual

Operation manual
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• Do not block any opening.
• Do not use the unit near or on hot objects, such as stoves or heaters or radiators.
• Do not use the unit on its side.
• Always hold the handle on both sides of the unit when moving it.
Holding the front panel when carrying may cause it to detach, thus dropping the unit and resulting
in bodily injury.
• Do not use without filters inside the unit.
• Do not wash and reuse the filter.
It may not only make the performance worse, but also may cause electrical shock or malfunction.
• Clean the exterior with a soft cloth only.
Do not use corrosive cleansers, volatile fluids and/or detergents when cleaning the unit.
The unit surface may be damaged or cracked.
In addition, the sensor may malfunction as a result.


• Avoid locations where curtains, etc., come into contact with any opening.
It may become dirty or a malfunction may occur.
• Avoid locations where the unit is exposed to condensation, due to rapid temperature changes.
(If it is unavoidable please allow unit to stand for 1 hour before switching on.)
(Use under appropriate conditions between 32 - 95˚F (0 - 35˚C) room temperature.)
• Place on a stable surface with sufficient air circulation.
When placing the unit on a heavily carpeted area, it may cause the unit to vibrate slightly.
• Avoid use in locations where greasy or oily smoke is generated (such as in a kitchen, etc.).
The unit surface may crack or the sensor may malfunction as a result.


• Follow the instructions to handle carefully and keep maintenance.
Do not install any other type of filters.



Table of Contents

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