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Troubleshooting - Sharp FP-A60UW Operation Manual

Operation manual
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Before calling for service, please review the Troubleshooting chart below, since the
problem may not be a unit malfunction.
The unit leaves smoke and
odors in the air.
A clicking or ticking sound is
heard from the unit.
A bad odor comes out of the air
The Clean Sign is green, but
there is still odor in the air.
The Clean Sign illuminates yel-
low or red, but the air seems
The Clean Sign doesn't light on.
The Clean Sign lights change
color frequently.
SOLUTION (not a malfunction)
• Clean or replace the filters as needed. (Refer to E-11)
• Is the unit installed in a location that is difficult for the
sensor to detect cigarette smoke?
• Are the dust sensor openings blocked or clogged?
(In this case, clean the openings.) (Refer to E-10)
• Clicking or ticking sounds may be audible when the unit
is generating ions.
• Check to see if the filters are heavily soiled. Replace the
filters. (Refer to E-11)
• Plasmacluster Air Purifiers may produce a slight odor.
This is normal and is a result of the Plasmacluster Ions
refreshing the air.
• The air could be impure at the time the unit was plugged in.
Unplug the unit, wait one minute, and plug the unit in
• Clean the dust sensor with a vacuum cleaner, as it may
be blocked or clogged.(Refer to E-10)
• The Light Control is selected.
for 3 seconds to turn the light on.
• The Clean Sign lights automatically change colors as
impurities are detected by the dust sensor.



Table of Contents

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