Starting Your Air Conditioner - Whirlpool ACS102PP Use And Care Manual

Room air conditioners for slider and casement windows
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Available languages

1. Set air exchanger. See "Air Exchanger."
2. Press POWER to turn on air conditioner.
NOTE: When the unit is turned on, it will display the previous
settings for the Mode, Fan Speed and temperature.
3. Choose mode. See "Mode."
4. Choose fan speed. See "Fan Speed."
5. Choose temperature. See "Temperature."
Air Exchanger
Set the Air Exchanger control to CLOSED for maximum
continuous cooling. The Air Exchanger set to OPEN circulates
fresh air and draws stale or smoky air from the room.
Open - to exhaust room air to the outside
Closed - maximum air circulation and cooling
1. Press and hold MODE.
Cool - Cools room. Press FAN SPEED to choose fan
speed. Then adjust the temperature by pressing the up or
down arrow buttons.
Fan Only- Operates the fan at Low, High or Turbo speed,
without cooling.
Power Saver - The fan will switch from the set fan speed
to LOW whenever the compressor turns off in response to
the set temperature. When the compressor cycles back
on, the fan will return to the set fan speed.

Starting Your Air Conditioner

Fan Speed
1. Press and hold FAN SPEED.
2. Choose AUTO, TURBO, HIGH or LOW.
When Auto is selected, the fan speed will change
automatically as the temperature in the room changes.
Press the TEMP plus pad to raise the temperature 1º until it
reaches 88ºF (31ºC).
Press the TEMP minus pad to lower the temperature 1º until it
reaches 66ºF (19ºC).
NOTE: By pressing both pads at once, the display will switch
from ºF to ºC.
Timer Delay
To set the Timer for a 1- to 24-hour delay until the air
conditioner turns on (the air conditioner must be Off):
1. Press TIMER. Indicator light remain on.
2. Press the plus or minus pad to change the delay time from
1 to 24 hours.
3. To turn Timer off, press TIMER again.
7º or more above the set temperature will use Turbo.
4º - 7º above the set temperature will use High.
4º or below the set temperature will use Low.

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