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Whirlpool ACS072XE Installation, Use And Care Manual
Whirlpool ACS072XE Installation, Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool ACS072XE Installation, Use And Care Manual

Slider/casement window air conditioners


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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool ACS072XE

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Center with questions WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS MODELS ACS072XE ACSl02XE ... . 13 ... . 15 ..19 Assistance or comments.
  • Page 2: A Note To You

    WHIRLPOOL@ Because your life is getting busier and more complicated, WHIRLPOOL Air Conditioners easy to use, save time, and help you manage your home better. To ensure you enjoy years of trouble-free operation, we developed this Use and Care Guide. It contains valuable informa- tion about how to operate and maintain your appliance properly and safely.
  • Page 3: Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner warning symbols. Please pay special attention to these symbols and follow any instructions given. Here is a brief explana- tion of the use of the warning symbol. IMPORTANT SAFETY Read all instructions before using the air conditioner. .Complete the installation requirements as described in the Installation Instructions.
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    Parts And Features This section contains captioned illustrations of your appliance with where all Parts and features are located and what they lobk like. To help you find parts information on or features quickly, page references are included. SPeCifiC Removable air filter - (behind Panel) Control...
  • Page 5: Requirements

    Electrical Requirements Below are electrical plug variations; choose the one which matches the ampere rating of your unit. Your model’s ampere rating is printed on the model and serial number label, attached to the unit, behind the front panel. (See diagram on page 4.) Observe all local codes...
  • Page 6 PLUG TYPE ELECTRICAL 115 volt models with amperes up through 7.5 Power supply cord - Ctprong For 115 volt models with amperes grounding lypa wall from 7.6 to 12.0 NtfTPtaCl~ 115 volt models with through Receptacle wiring Receptacle wiring should be a minimum of 14 gauge.
  • Page 7 115 volt models with through 12.0 Receptacle wiring Receptacle wiring should be a minimum of 14 gauge. Use copper wire only. It is the responsibility of the consumer to provide proper and adequate receptacle wiring, installed by a qualified electrician. Observe National Electrical Code and all local governing codes and ordinances.
  • Page 8 Installing Your Air Conditioner Preparing for installation Tools required Flat-head screwdriver Carpenter’s level Tape measure Electric or hand drill %-inch drill bit Pencil . Awl Knife Installation tips 1. Choose a proper size window. 15% inches minimum width 22 inches minimum height 36 inches maximum height NOTE: The height measurement must be of an unobstructed opening above the...
  • Page 9 Installing in a sliding NOTE: This air conditioner must be installed according to all applicable codes and ordinances. Choose the installation site. The window frame and side of the structure must be able to support at least 110 Ibs. of weight. Remove one sliding sash from the window frame.
  • Page 10 6. Pull the support angle against the outside of the structure. Tighten two 36” long machine screws on top of the support platform. 7. Adjust the leveling bolt to position the support angle in a level plane. This will allow for proper angle. Tighten the leveling bolt locknut.
  • Page 11: Air Conditioner

    10. Slide the air conditioner onto the support platform. Be sure the unit side channel butts against the vertical edge of the window frame. Watch out for the sharp metal fins on the front and rear coils. NOTE: If unit side channel does not fit securely, remove air conditioner and readjust leveling bolt.
  • Page 12 Installing in a casement Since styles and sizes of casement windows vary widely, it is advisable to have the air conditioner installed by someone skilled in this type of installation. Your appliance dealer can recommend or supply qualified people to install your air conditioner. 1.
  • Page 13 Operating Your Air Conditioner In order to obtain the best possible results from your air conditioner, operate it properly. This section will tell you how to do just that. Starting your air conditioner 1. Set Exhaust Vent Control to CLOSED for maximum cooling performance.
  • Page 14 Using the exhaust The Exhaust Vent Control draws stale or smoky air from the room or circulates existing room air. To exhaust room air: 1. Set Exhaust Vent Control to OPEN. 2. Set Fan Control to desired setting. If no cooling is desired, set Fan Control to High Fan or Low Fan.
  • Page 15: Caring For Your Air Conditioner

    Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will help ensure longer life and lower operating costs. This section will tell you how to clean your air conditioner and perform annual maintenance. You can always call your authorized Whirlpool servicing dealer for an annual checkup. Cleaning...
  • Page 16 Cleaning the air filter The filter may be cleaned. A clean filter helps remove dust, lint, and other particles from the air. Check every two weeks to see if filter needs cleaning. 1. Turn Fan Control to OFF. 2. Grasp both sides of the inlet grille and pull forward.
  • Page 17 Annual maintenance Your air conditioner needs annual maintenance to help ensure steady, top performance throughout the year. Call the service company recommended by your dealer to: Inspect and clean the coils and conden- sate water passages. Check fan and fan motor. The compressor is sealed and needs no oiling.
  • Page 18 Understanding normal When your air conditioner is operating normally, you will hear sounds such as: Droplets of water hitting the condenser, causing a “pinging” or “clicking” sound. Water droplets help to cool the condenser. Air movement from the fan, especially on high fan speed settings.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Listed in the chart below are the most common problems consumers run into with their air conditioners. Please read through this chart before calling for service. It could save you the cost of a service call. PROBLEM CHECK THE FOLLOWING Air conditioner Is the air conditioner plugged into a live circuit with proper won’t run...
  • Page 20 WHIRLPOOL appliance. To locate FSP replacement parts in your area, refer to Step 2 or call the Whirlpool Consumer Assistance Center number in Step 1. 4. If you are not satisfied...
  • Page 21 Index This index is alphabetical. Look for the word or phrase you are interested in, then look for the page number. TOPIC AIRFLOW Directing ... CLEANING Air filter ... Front panel ..5,6,7 ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS ENERGY Saving ... FEATURES/PARTS INSTALLATION 9, 10, 11 Sliding window ...
  • Page 22: Warranty

    E. Repairs to parts or systems caused by unauthorized appliance. Service under the full warranties must be provided by an authorized Whirlpool service company. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSE- QUENTIAL DAMAGES.

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