Metal Or Wood Casement Window Installation - Whirlpool ACS102PP Use And Care Manual

Room air conditioners for slider and casement windows
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6. Pull support angle against outside of structure. Tighten two
in. machine screws on top of support platform.
7. Adjust leveling bolt to level support angle. Tighten leveling
bolt locknut.
NOTE: Air conditioner must tilted back slightly to facilitate
proper condensate disposal.
8. Cut 2 pieces of foam seal to height of window opening.
Remove backing and apply to window frame and sliding sash
that will rest against air conditioner cabinet.
Install air conditioner in window
1. Slide unit onto support platform. Check to be sure air
conditioner side channel fits securely against vertical edge of
window frame.
NOTE: If air conditioner side channel does not fit securely
against window frame, remove unit and readjust leveling bolt.
2. Drill two
in. holes through the window channel frame in
alignment with existing holes in bottom bracket. Install two
in. self-tapping screws through these holes.
NOTE: If window channel frame is not tall enough to use
existing holes, drill 2 new holes off to the side of the existing
holes to attach the air conditioner bottom bracket to the
support platform. Air conditioner should be firmly anchored to
window channel frame or support platform.
1. Window channel frame
in. self-tapping screw
3. Bottom bracket
in. drilled hole
3. Slide inside window sash closed. Check to be sure vertical
edge of inside window sash is pressed firmly against side of
air conditioner cabinet. Cut remaining foam seal to width of
window opening. Remove backing and apply to top inside
edge of window frame.
4. Install speed clips on top and bottom inside edge of window
to provide locking.
5. Using supplied plastic foam seal, cut to proper length, insert
between inside window sash and outside window.
6. See "Complete Installation."

Metal or Wood Casement Window Installation

Handle air conditioner with care. Watch out for sharp metal
fins on the rear coil.
Be sure your air conditioner does not fall out of the opening
during installation or removal.
The place where the power cord exits the air conditioner
should be no more than 4 ft (122 cm) from a grounded outlet.
Do not block the louvers on the front panel.
Do not block air movement on the outside of the air
The window frame assembly and side of structure must be
adequate to support weight of air conditioner.
This air conditioner is designed to fit into most casement-type
windows. As shipped from factory, unit will fit into a minimum
window opening 15
The preferred method of installation is through a closed or
stationary window. Installation in an open window frame is also
possible where open window can be secured to outside of
building or removed completely.
Closed or stationary window
Install unit in stationary sash to avoid crank handles or window
latches. If unit is to be installed in or next to a movable sash, it
may be necessary to remove catch, handle or both.
Remove crank handle and secure window in closed position.
Remove glass panes and separating strips to a height
sufficient to mount air conditioner.
1. Speed clip
2. Window channel
3. Plastic foam seal
in. (39.4 cm) wide and 21 in. (53.3 cm) high.

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