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Electrolux EHG30830K User Manual page 10

30cm wok burner domino hob
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10 electrolux
(screw type fuses removed from the
holder), earth leakage trips and contac-
• The connection cable parts must not be
heated to a temperature above 90°C.
Electrical Requirements
Permanent electrical installation must com-
ply with the latest I.E.E. Regulations and lo-
cal Electricity Board regulations. For your
own safety the installation must be done by
a qualified electrician (e.g. your local Elec-
tricity Board, or a contractor who is on the
roll of the National Inspection Council for
Electrical Installation Contracting [NICEIC]).
The manufacturer declines any liability
if these safety measures are not ob-
The appliance must be connected to a 230
V 50 Hz AC electrical supply.
Before activating the appliance, make sure
the electrical supply voltage is the same as
that indicated on the rating plate. The rating
plate is located on the bottom of the appli-
The appliance is supplied with a 3 core flex-
ible supply cord requiring a 3 amp plug.
You must obtain and install the plug. The
wires in the mains lead are coloured in ac-
cordance with the following code:
Green and yellow
1. Connect the green and yellow (earth)
wire to the terminal in the plug which is
marked with the letter 'E' or the earth
, or coloured green and yel-
2. Connect the blue (neutral) wire to the
terminal in the plug which is marked
with the letter 'N' or coloured black.
3. Connect the brown (live) wire to the ter-
minal in the plug which is marked with
the letter 'L' or coloured red.
There must be no cut or stray strands of
wire present. The cord clamp must be cor-
rectly attached on the outer sheath.
Warning! Make sure that the cut off
plug is disposed of safely. A cut off
plug put into a 13 amp socket is a
safety hazard. There is a risk of
electrical shock.
- Earth
- Neutral
- Live
Important! The replacement of the
electrical cable must be done by a qualified
electrician or competent person, according
to the current regulations.
To replace the connection cable use only
H05V2V2-F T90 or equivalent type. Make
sure that the cable section is applicable to
the voltage and the working temperature.
The yellow/green earth wire must be ap-
proximately 2 cm longer than the brown (or
black) phase wire.
min. 650 mm
30 mm
55 mm
40-50 mm
If several 30 cm hobs are to be installed
side by side into the same cut out, an as-
sembly kit including a support side bracket
and supplementary seals is available at our
Service Centres. The relevant installation in-
structions are supplied within the kit pack-
R 5
+1 mm
490 mm
270 mm
+1 mm



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