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Electrolux EHG30830K User Manual page 9

30cm wok burner domino hob
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If you use flexible metal pipes make sure
that they agree to ISO 10380 and ISO
10807 standards. Be careful they do not
come in touch with mobile parts or they are
not squeezed. Also be careful when the
hob is put together with an oven.
Important! It is important to install the
elbow correctly, with the shoulder on the
end of the thread, fitted to the hob
connecting pipe.
Important! Failure to ensure the correct
assembly will cause leakage of gas.
Important! Make sure that the gas supply
pressure of the appliance obeys the
recommended values.
Rigid connection:
Carry out connection by using metal rigid
pipes (copper with mechanical end).
1. Remove the pan supports.
2. Remove the caps and crowns of the
3. With a socket spanner 7 remove the in-
jectors and replace them with the ones
which are necessary for the type of gas
you use (see table in "Technical Infor-
mation" chapter).
4. Assemble the parts, follow the same
procedure backwards.
5. Replace the rating plate (it is near the
gas supply pipe) with the one for the
new type of gas supply. You can find
this plate in the package supplied with
the appliance.
If the supply gas pressure is changeable or
different from the necessary pressure, you
must fit an applicable pressure adjuster on
the gas supply pipe.
To adjust the minimum level of the burners:
1. Light the burner.
2. Turn the knob on the minimum posi-
3. Remove the knob.
4. With a thin screwdriver, adjust the by-
pass screw position.
A) The by-pass screw
• If you change from natural gas G20 20
mbar to liquid gas, fully tighten the ad-
justment screw in.
• If you change from liquid gas to natural
gas G20 20 mbar, undo the by-pass
screw approximately 1/4 of a turn.
Warning! Make sure the flame does
not go out when you quickly turn the
knob from the maximum position to the
minimum position.
• The electrical work necessary to install
the appliance must be done by a quali-
fied electrician or competent person, ac-
cording to the current regulations.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Always use a correctly installed shock-
proof socket.
• Make sure that there is access to the
mains plug after the installation.
• Do not pull the mains cable to disconnect
the appliance. Always pull the mains
• The appliance must not be connected
with an extension cable, an adapter or a
multiple socket. There is a risk of fire.
Make sure that the ground connection
complies with the standards and regula-
tions force.
• The power cable must not touch any hot
• The electrical installation must have an
isolation device which lets you discon-
nect the appliance from the mains at all
poles. The isolation device must have a
contact opening width of minimum 3
• You must have the correct isolation devi-
ces: line protecting cut-outs, fuses
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