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Care And Cleaning; Troubleshooting - Electrolux EHG30830K User Manual

30cm wok burner domino hob
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6 electrolux
Warning! Do not use cast iron pans,
potstones, grill or toaster plates on gas
Information on acrylamides
Important! According to the newest
scientific knowledge, if you brown food


Warning! Refer to "Safety information"
Warning! Deactivate the appliance and
let it cool down before you clean it.
Disconnect the appliance from the
electrical supply before you do cleaning
or maintenance work.
Scratches or dark stains on the surface
have no effect on how the appliance
• You can remove the pan supports to
easily clean the hob.
• To clean the enamelled parts, cap and
crown, wash them with warm soapy wa-
ter and dry them carefully before you put
them back.
• Wash stainless steel parts with water,
and then dry them with a soft cloth.
• The pan supports are not dishwasher
proof. They must be washed by hand.
• When you wash the pan supports by
hand, take care when you dry them as
the enamelling process occasionally
leaves rough edges. If necessary, remove
stubborn stains using a paste cleaner.
• Make sure you position the pan supports
correctly after cleaning.
• To make the burners work correctly,
make sure that the arms of the pan sup-
ports are in the centre of the burner.


There is no spark when lighting
the gas
(specially the one which contains starch),
acrylamides can pose a health risk. Thus,
we recommend that you cook at the lowest
temperatures and do not brown food too
• Be very careful when you replace the
pan supports to prevent the hob top
from damage.
After cleaning, dry the appliance with a soft
Removing the dirt:
1. – Remove immediately: melting plas-
2. Clean the appliance with a damp cloth
3. At the end rub the appliance dry
This feature is obtained through a ceramic
ignition candle with a metal electrode. Keep
these components well clean to prevent dif-
ficult lighting and check that the burner
crown holes are not obstructed.
Periodically speak your local Service Force
Centre to check the conditions of the gas
supply pipe and the pressure adjuster, if fit-
Possible cause
• There is no electrical supply
tic, plastic foil, and food containing
– Stop the appliance and let it cool
down before you clean: limescale
rings, water rings, fat stains, shiny
metallic discolorations. Use a special
cleaner applicable for surface of hob.
and some detergent.
with a clean cloth.
• Make sure that the unit is
connected and the electrical
supply is switched on.
• Control the fuse. If the fuse is
released more than one time,
refer to a qualified electrician.



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