Electrical Interference Information - Sharp HN-VA100U Operation Manual

Powerline ethernet adapter
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Electrical Interference Information

Do not cover the adapter with a blanket or cloth. Excessive heating may
result and cause fire.
The power outlet must be installed near the adapter and must be easily
Do not connect a cable other than a LAN cable to the LAN port on the
adapter. Connecting a different type of cable may cause the adapter to
overheat and result in fire.
Keep at least 4 inches free around the sides and top of the adapter to
allow air circulation and cooling.
Electrical Interference Information
Devices that may interfere with the powerline network
Cell phone chargers, battery chargers, vacuums, power tools, hair dryers,
and other appliances may cause noise on your power line that will affect
the performance and communication speed of the adapters. It is
recommended that you use noise filters between these devices and the
electrical outlets where they are plugged in.
Devices that may be affected by the powerline network
The powerline network may interfere with the operation of short-wave
radio, wireless devices such as cordless mice, cordless keyboards and
remote controls, and other devices connected to the same power line
such as touch lamps and dimmers.
4 inches
4 inches
Power strip with
built-in noise

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