Specifications - Sharp HN-VA100U Operation Manual

Powerline ethernet adapter
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Communication standard HomePlug AV 1.1
Communication speed
Maximum number of
connectable adapters
Frequency band
Access method
Encryption method
Modulation method
Error correction method
Communication range
LAN interface
The actual communication speed (effective communication speed) may be
affected by power line conditions (structure of equipment, length of lines, etc.),
other electrical appliances, and network conditions.
UDP is a data communication protocol used on the Internet, and although the
data communication reliability of UDP is low, processing is simple and the
communication speed is fast, and thus UDP is often used for video streaming.
TCP is also a data communication protocol used on the Internet, and although
TCP is slower than UDP, it has higher reliability and thus is commonly used for
general communication.
Measured using FTP from a Windows
The maximum number of adapters is a recommended value. As the number of
PLC adapters and other devices connected to the network increases, the
communication speed slows.
PHY rate (theoretical value): 200 Mbps max.
Effective speed:
85 Mbps max. (UDP)
55 Mbps max. (TCP)
16 adapters
2 MHz to 30 MHz
CSMA/CA (PLC interface side)
AES 128-bit
Windowed OFDM
Advanced turbo coding
492 ft. (150 m) maximum (varies depending
on environment)
IEEE 802.3u (100Base-TX)
IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T)
MDI/MDI-X Automatic detection
CSMA/CD (access method on LAN port side)
PC to a Linux

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Table of Contents

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