Registering The Adapter - Sharp HN-VA100U Operation Manual

Powerline ethernet adapter
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Registering the Adapter

Registering the Adapter
Follow the steps below to register the additional adapter. The additional
adapter cannot be used until it is registered.
Up to 16 adapters can be used on one network.
Plug the additional adapter into an outlet next to one of your existing
(previously registered) adapters.
• Check the PLC indicator on the existing adapter and make sure it is solidly
lit or blinking (registration is not possible if the existing adapter is not able to
communicate normally on the network).
Existing (previously
registered) adapter
Hold down the SET button on the existing adapter for about 2 seconds and
then release it.
• When you release the SET button, the POWER indicator will blink.
• Do not hold the SET button down too long (if it is held down for about 10
seconds, the registration will be cleared).
Additional adapter

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