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Troubleshooting - Sharp HN-VA100U Operation Manual

Powerline ethernet adapter
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If you have any problems with the adapter, first refer to the following
troubleshooting guide. If you cannot solve the problem, call 1-800-BE-SHARP
The POWER indicator is
off even though the
adapter is plugged into an
Communication is not
possible on the network
• Make sure that the adapter is plugged into a
standard (120 V, 60 Hz) outlet.
• Make sure the outlet has power. Try plugging
the adapter into a different outlet.
• If the temperature of the adapter rises to the
point that operation will be impaired, the
adapter will automatically stop operating.
Unplug the adapter and let it cool. Once the
adapter has cooled, try using it again.
• Is the PLC indicator on or blinking? If not,
make sure the adapter has been registered
as explained on page 8. Try plugging the
adapter into an outlet that is as close as
possible to the other adapters on your
network. If the PLC indicator lights in some
outlets but not in others, it is likely that some
condition of your power lines prevents
communication in some outlets. Use the
adapter in an outlet where communication is
possible. If the PLC indicator does not light
when plugged in next to an existing PLC
adapter, the registration of the adapter may
have been canceled. Re-register the adapter
as explained on page 8.
• If the PLC indicator lights normally but the
LAN port indicators do not light, make sure
the LAN cables are firmly inserted in their
ports. Make sure that the LAN cables are
category 5 or 6 cables that support

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