Introduction - Sharp HN-VA100U Operation Manual

Powerline ethernet adapter
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Thank you for purchasing an additional SHARP PLC (PowerLine
Communication) adapter.
This additional adapter can only be used with a previously installed
SHARP HN-VA401SU PLC adapter kit. It cannot be used by itself.
PLC adapters let you use the existing electrical wiring in your house to
create a home network. Simply plug the adapters into electrical outlets at
the desired locations, and then connect your computer and other devices
to the adapters with LAN cables.
If you have Broadband Internet
service, connect your router to one of
the adapters to allow all your network
devices to access the Internet.
Connect a network-enabled
AQUOS LCD-TV to your
powerline network with ease.
PLC adapter
A total of 16 PLC adapters can be used.
Data can be exchanged at
speeds of up to 85 Mbps
on your powerline network.
Up to four devices can
be connected to the
HN-VA400U adapter.
PLC adapter

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Table of Contents

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