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Powerline ethernet adapter
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Connection to the Internet
is not possible.
Network communication is
slow or intermittent.
• To connect to the Internet via the network,
you must have a Broadband Internet
connection (cable or DSL). Make sure your
cable or DSL modem is correctly connected
to your router, and that your router is correctly
connected to one of the PLC adapters. No
special settings are required to connect to
the Internet through the PLC network,
however, your computers and router must be
correctly set to access the Internet (check
with your Internet service provider).
• If any of the adapters are connected to a
power strip with a surge protector or noise
filter, communication may be impaired.
Connect all adapters directly to their
electrical outlets. If you must plug an adapter
into a power strip, use a power strip without a
noise filter or surge protector, and one that
does not have a long cord.
• Other appliances may be causing noise on
your power lines. Use noise filters for
appliances such as
battery chargers, vacuums, power tools,
and hair dryers, and use these appliances
as far as possible from the PLC adapters.
• If adapters are located too far apart,
communication may be impaired. The
maximum distance is 492 ft. (150 m),
however, this may vary depending on line
• Are you also using PLC adapters of a
different standard on your power lines? This
may impair communication. If you must use
other adapters, use them as far away as
possible from your SHARP PLC adapters.
cell phone chargers,

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