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GE GXRM10RBL Owner's Manual And Installation: Faucet Installation

Ge reverse osmosis filtration system.
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Be sure there is room underneath and above
the sink to make the needed connections. Before
starting, make sure there is sufficient room for the
faucet base and unit. Select one of the following
places to install the faucet:
A. In an existing sink spray attachment or soap
dispenser hole.
B. In a hole to be drilled in the sink top.
C. In a hole to be drilled in the countertop, next
to the sink.
• Be sure the faucet base will fit flat against the
surface at the selected location so the bottom
gasket between the base and surface area
will seal.
• Make sure to leave enough clearance at the back
of the faucet in case you need to remove it.
Installation Steps (refer to illustration below
for clarification)
1. If drilling is needed, make a 1
Be sure to use the proper procedure for drilling
porcelain or stainless steel. Special drill bits
may be needed. Consult a qualified plumber
for the proper procedure.
NOTE: When drilling in stainless steel, the edges
may be sharp and could puncture the tube. Be
careful to not cut yourself or damage the tube.
2. Remove the faucet body and base by turning the
base counterclockwise.
3. Push the 1/4" black tube and the 3/8" black tube
onto the correct barb fittings on the faucet base.
Push the 3/8" blue tube through the base.
3/8" Blue tube
3/8" Barb fitting
3/8" Black tube
4. Align the gasket to cover the hole completely. Then
place the toggle screw on the base into the hole.
Installation Instructions
" diameter hole.
Faucet base
1/4" Barb fitting
1/4" Black tube
Faucet base
Toggle screw
5. Tighten the toggle screw until the base is firmly
in place and does not wobble or turn.
6. Push the 3/8" blue tube up to connect
it to the fitting on the bottom of the faucet body.
It should go in about 3/4". Pull tube slightly to
make sure it is secure.
Faucet body
3/8" Blue tube
Faucet base
Toggle screw
7. Push the faucet body down into the faucet base
and twist clockwise until it stops into place.
NOTE: You can install the faucet so the handle
is on the right or the left side.
If you want the faucet handle on the right,
position the handle at the back of the faucet
base before turning clockwise.
If you want the faucet handle on the left,
position the handle at the front of the faucet
base before turning clockwise.
Faucet handle on the RIGHT
8. Locate the hole at the rear
of the base. Insert set screw
and begin to tighten by
hand. Finish tightening
with the Allen wrench
provided in the packet.
1/4" Black tube
3/8" Black tube
Mounting screw
Faucet handle on the LEFT


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