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Household Water Filtration Housing* — GXWH04F and GXWH20S
■ Check with your state and local public works department
for plumbing and sanitation codes. You must follow these
guidelines as you install the Household Water Filtration
Housing. Using a qualified installer is recommended.
■ Be sure the water supply conforms with the Specifications
Guidelines . If the water supply conditions are unknown,
contact your municipal water company.
This Household Water Filtration Housing must be properly installed and located in accordance with the Installation Instructions before it is used.
■ Check with your local public works department for plumbing codes.
You must follow their guides as you install the Household Water
Filtration Housing.
■ Use the Household Water Filtration Housing on a potable, safe-to-
drink, home COLD water supply only. The filter cartridge will not
purify water or make unsafe water safe to drink. DO NOT use on
HOT water (100˚F max).
■ Protect the Household Water Filtration Housing and piping from
freezing. Water freezing in the housing will damage it.
■ Your Household Water Filtration Housing will withstand up to 125 psi
water pressure. If your house water supply pressure is higher than
100 psi during the day (it may reach higher levels at night), install
a pressure-reducing valve before the housing is installed.
■ 2 wrenches: 1
" and 1
■ Pipe cutter
■ Ruler or tape measure
■ Cordless drill and a 3/16" drill bit
■ File
■ Emery paper
■ Screwdriver
The FXUSC (Rev. 2) filter is tested and
certified by NSF International against
NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials
requirement only.
GE SmartWater
■ (2)
" compression adapters with
ferrule and nut (compatible to home
■ UL-approved grounding clamps and
6-gauge grounding wire
■ Teflon tape
■ If unit is to be installed on plastic,
PVC or galvanized plumbing, separate
hardware must be purchased.
This GXWH04F is tested and certified by
NSF International against NSF/ANSI
Standard 42 for materials and structural
integrity requirements only.
GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, Appliance Park, Louisville, KY 40225
microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate
disinfection before or after the system.
■ It is highly recommended that a water shut-off valve be placed
directly upstream of your household filter.
■ Do not install on HOT WATER . The temperature of the water
supply to the Household Filtration Housing must be between the
minimum of 40°F and the maximum of 100°F. See the
Specification Guidelines .
■ Do not install the Household Water Filtration Housing using
copper solder fittings. The heat from the soldering process
will damage the unit. If making a soldered copper installation,
do all sweat soldering before connecting pipes to the housing.
Torch heat will damage plastic parts.
material after installation. Small parts remaining after installation
could be a choke hazard.
■ Do not install filter in an outside location or anywhere it will be
exposed to sunlight.
04-09 JR
Do not use with water that is
Discard all unused parts and packaging
■ Filter housing and head
■ Product literature
■ Sediment filter FXUSC (Rev. 2)
(for GXWH20S only)
■ Canister wrench
■ Mounting bracket with (2) screws
■ Timer and batteries
The GXWH20S system using FXUSC (Rev. 2)
filter is tested and certified by NSF
International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42
for reduction of particulate Class V.
The GXWH20S has been tested and
Certified by WQA according to CSA B483.1.


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  • Page 1

    800-683-8353 GE SmartWater ™ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Household Water Filtration Housing* — GXWH04F and GXWH20S SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ■ Check with your state and local public works department WARNING: Do not use with water that is for plumbing and sanitation codes. You must follow these...

  • Page 2

    Filter Cartridge Replacement You should change your filter when the water flow is noticeably reduced or at least every 3 months. Turn off water to filter. For model GXWH04F, water Reinstall the filter canister to the unit. Tighten filter must be shut off from an upstream valve. For model canister to seal.

  • Page 3

    ⁄ ″ for GXWH20S model. path may result in an electric shock hazard. If the cold water pipe GXWH04F model and 5 ⁄ is used to ground electric outlets, please refer to Installing the Using a pipe cutter, cut pipe. Sand (file) the cut ends of the Ground Wire section before cutting the pipe.

  • Page 4

    Slowly turn on water supply. Open any downstream faucet and allow filter and housing to Check entire system for leaks. flush for 30 minutes (model GXWH20S) or 15 minutes (model GXWH04F). Timer Installation and Application Instructions Timer battery installation and change Installation of timer...

  • Page 5 800-683-8353 PARTS LIST Ref. No. Part No. Part Description WHTIMER Timer WS03X10038 O-Ring WX5X140 Canister Wrench FXUSC (Rev. 2) Filter Element—Polypropylene Fiber — FXWPC Filter Element—Pleated — — FXWTC (Rev. 2) Filter Element—Carbon Paper — — 49-50202-2 Installation Instructions To obtain replacement parts, call toll-free 800.626.2002 (U.S.), 800.663.6060 (Canada—English), 800.361.3869 (Canada—French).

  • Page 6

    800-683-8353 GE SmartWater ™ INSTRUCTIONS D’INSTALLATION Corps* de filtration d’eau (usage domestique) — GXWH04F et GXWH20S MESURES DE SÉCURITÉ ■ Consulter le service local des travaux publics au sujet des codes de AVERTISSEMENT : plomberie et de raccordement aux égouts. L’installation du corps Ne pas utiliser ce produit de filtration d’eau doit être conforme aux prescriptions du code de...

  • Page 7

    On doit changer la cartouche de filtration lorsque le débit d’eau diminue sensiblement, et au moins à intervalles de trois mois. Fermer l’arrivée d’eau au filtre. Pour le modèle GXWH04F, on doit fermer Rétablir lentement l’arrivée d’eau au filtre avec la poignée de contrôle le robinet d’arrêt en amont.

  • Page 8

    Le défaut de maintenir ce trajet de mise à la terre peut entraîner est égale à 5 ⁄ po pour le modèle GXWH04F et à 5 ⁄ po pour le un risque d'électrocution. Si la canalisation d’eau froide est utilisée pour modèle GXWH20S.

  • Page 9

    à la terre des prises les vis. électriques de la maison. Cette mise à la masse vous protège contre les chocs électriques et cette liaison à la terre peut voir été neutralisée par Fixez le fil sur les attaches comme indiqué.

  • Page 10 800-683-8353 LISTE DES PIÈCES repérage Pièce n Description WHTIMER Minuterie WS03X10038 Joint torique WX5X140 Clé pour corps de filtre FXUSC (Rév. 2) Cartouche de filtration– — fibre de polypropylène FXWPC Cartouche de filtration–plissée — — FXWTC (Rév. 2) Cartouche de filtration– —...

  • Page 11 800-683-8353 NOTES • NOTAS 800-683-8353

  • Page 12

    800-683-8353 GE SmartWater ™ INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACION Alojamiento* de filtración de agua para el hogar — GXWH04F y GXWH20S PRECAUCIONES DE SEGURIDAD ■ Consulte con su departamento de obras públicas local y estatal para ADVERTENCIA: los códigos de plomería y sanidad. Usted debe seguir estas reglas a No use con agua que sea medida que instale el alojamiento de filtración de agua para el hogar.

  • Page 13

    Cierre el paso del agua al filtro. Para el modelo Reinstale el receptáculo del filtro a la unidad. Apriete el GXWH04F, el agua se debe cerrar en una válvula paso cartucho del filtro para sellar. Use una llave de cartucho arriba.

  • Page 14

    No mantener doblen. Marque la distancia “D” sobre el tubo. D es aproximadamente esta conexión a tierra podría resultar en descargas eléctricas peligrosas. Si ″ para el modelo GXWH04F y 5 ″ para el modelo GXWH20S. ⁄...

  • Page 15

    Abra cualquier llave de agua hacia abajo y permita que el filtro Revise todo el sistema para que no hayan goteras. y el alojamiento de filtración se lave por 30 minutos (modelo GXWH20S) o 15 minutos (modelo GXWH04F). Instalación del cronómetro e instrucciones de aplicación Botón azul nstalación y cambio de las baterías del cronómetro...

  • Page 16 800-683-8353 LISTA DE PARTES de ref. Parte No. Descriptión WHTIMER Cronómetro WS03X10038 Anillo WX5X140 Llave para receptáculo FXUSC (Rev. 2) Elemento de filtro–Fibra de polipropileno — FXWPC Elemento de filtro–Plegado — — FXWTC (Rev. 2) Elemento de filtro–Papel carbón —...

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