Safe Handling Of Gasoline; Operation; Maintenance & Storage - Craftsman 1450 Series Operator's Manual

1450 series engine chipper shredder
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Safe Handling of Gasoline:
Toavoidpersonalinjuryor propertydamageuseextremecare in
handlinggasoline.Gasolineis extremelyflammableand the vaporsare
explosive.Seriouspersonalinjurycan occurwhengasolineis spilled
on yourselfor yourclotheswhichcan ignite.Washyour skin and
Use onlyan approvedgasolinecontainer.
Neverfill containersinside a vehicleor on a truckor trailerbed
with a plasticliner.Alwaysplacecontainerson the groundaway
fromyour vehiclebeforefilling.
Whenpractical,removegas-powered equipmentfromthe truck
or trailerand refueliton the ground.If this is notpossible,then
refuelsuchequipmenton a trailerwith a portablecontainer,rather
thanfrom a gasolinedispensernozzle.
Keepthe nozzlein contactwith the rimof the fuel tank or
containeropeningat all times untilfuelingis complete.Do not use
a nozzlelock-opendevice.
Extinguishall cigarettes,cigars,pipesand other sourcesof
Neverfuel machineindoors.
Neverremovegas capor add fuel whilethe engineishot or run-
ning.Allowengineto cool at leasttwo minutesbeforerefueling.
Neveroverfill fueltank. Fill tankto no morethan1/2 inchbelow
bottomof filler neck to allowspacefor fuel expansion.
Replacegasolinecapand tighten securely.
If gasolineisspilled,wipe itoff theengineand equipment.Move
unitto anotherarea.Wait5 minutesbeforestartingthe engine.
To reducefire hazards,keepmachinefreeof grass, leaves,or
otherdebrisbuild-up.Cleanup oil or fuel spillageand removeany
fuel soakeddebris.
Neverstorethe machineor fuel containerinside wherethereis an
openflame,spark or pilotlightas on a water heater,space heater,
furnace,clothesdryer or othergas appliances.
Do not puthandsand feet near rotatingpartsor in thefeeding
chambersand dischargeopening.Contactwith the rotating
impellercan amputatefingers,hands,and feet.
Beforestartingthe machine,makesurethe chipperchute,feed
intake,and cuttingchamberare emptyand freeof all debris.
Thoroughlyinspect a ll materialto be shreddedand removeany
metal,rocks,bottles,cans,or otherforeignobjectswhichcould
causepersonalinjuryor damageto the machine.
If it becomesnecessaryto pushmaterialthroughthe shredder
hopper,usea small diameterstick. Donot useyour handsor feet.
If the impellerstrikesa foreignobjector if yourmachineshould
start makingan unusualnoiseor vibration,immediately shut
the engineoff. Allowthe impeller t o come toa completestop.
Disconnectthe sparkplug wire,ground itagainstthe engineand
performthe followingsteps:
Inspectfor damage.
Repairor replaceanydamagedparts.
Checkfor anyloose partsand tightento assurecontinued
safe operation.
Donot allowan accumulation of processedmaterialto build up in
the dischargearea.This can preventproperdischargeand result
in kickbackof materialthroughthe feedopening.
Donot attemptto shredor chip materiallargerthanspecified
on the machineor in this manual.Personal i njuryor machine
damagecould result.
Neverattemptto unclogeitherthe feedintakeor discharge
openingwhilethe engineis running.Shuttheengine off,wait until
all movingparts havestopped,disconnectthe spark plug wireand
ground itagainsttheengine beforeclearingdebris.
Neveroperatewithoutthe shredderhopper,chipperchute,or
chute deflectorproperlyattachedto the machine.Neveremptyor
changedischargebag whilethe engineis running.
Keepall guards,deflectorsand safetydevicesin placeand
Keepyourface and bodyback and to the sideof the chipper
chute whilefeedingmaterialintothe machineto avoidaccidental
Neveroperatethis machinewithoutgoodvisibility or light.
Donot operatethis machineon a paved,gravelor non-level
Donot operatethis machinewhileunderthe influence o f alcohol
or drugs.
Mufflerand enginebecomehot and cancause a burn.Do not
Neverpick up or carry machinewhilethe engineis running.
If situationsoccur whichare notcoveredinthis manual,use care
and good judgement.ContactCustomer Supportforassistance
and the nameof the nearestservicedealer.
Nevertamperwith safetydevices.Checktheir properoperation
Checkbolts and screwsfor propertightnessat frequentintervals
to keepthe machinein safeworkingcondition.Also,visually
inspect m achinefor any damageand repair,if needed.
Beforecleaning,repairing,or inspecting,stopthe engineand
make certainthe impellerand all movingparts havestopped.
Disconnectthe sparkplug wireand ground itagainsttheengine
to preventunintendedstarting.
Donot changethe enginegovernorsettingsor overspeedthe
engine.The governorcontrolsthe maximumsafe operatingspeed
of the engine.

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