Craftsman 247.796890 Owner's Manual
Craftsman 247.796890 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 247.796890 Owner's Manual

5 hp chipper shredder


and Operating
to do so can
in serious
5 H.P.
• Maintenance
, Repair Parts
wear eye protection
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Sold by Sears,
and Co, Chicago
ilt 60684
Part No. 770-5875B


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  • Page 1 OWNERS MANUAL MODEL 247.796890 WARNING Carefully read follow Safety Rules, Precautions and Operating Instructions, Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury. i i ,,,,,,,,, Sold by Sears, 5 H.P. CHIPPER-SHREDDER Assembly Operation Always wear eye protection operation...
  • Page 2 ONE YEAR WARRANTY For one year from the date of purchase, and tuned up according to the instructions in material and workmanship. tf this Craftsman Chipper-Shredder 30 days from the date of purchase This warranty does not cover: -- Expendable...
  • Page 3 Turn the unit and let the engine refueling, Fuel your chipper-shredder not smoke while refueling, Fuel tank must be secure except during refueling Avoid...
  • Page 4 Pack (See Figure x 1/2" Long 1/4-20 Thread Head Self-Tapping Screws x 3/4" Long INSTALLATION chute deflector in position (on the left side of the chipper- deflector to discharge opening with of the opening Hex nuts...
  • Page 5 Place upper leaf ramp section ramp section hex lock nuts (B). Tighten OF HOPPER AND UPPER GUItDE on the chipper-shred- in an upright position for shipping Lower this section, hopper in position...
  • Page 6 ALL OILS MUST A,PI SERVICE CLASSIFICA- TION SD, SE OR SE Fill engine with oil, Remove engine oil fill plug. With chipper-shredder level, fill engine with to point of overflowing. Capacity Tilt chipper-shredder forward then re-level. Check oil level, Refill to point if necessary.
  • Page 7 HOW TO USE YOUR CHIPPER-SHREDDER Your shredder is designed for safe, efficient operation. KEEP HANDS AND FEET AWAY FROM ALL OPENINGS WARNING Wear the safety glasses provided your...
  • Page 8 Lower the leaf ramp by holding the handle and pulling up on the release bar See figure twigs can be raked into the chipper-shredder leaf ramp in this position See figure Handle FIGURE Leaf Ramp FIGURE Small branches can also be fed into the leaf ramp...
  • Page 9 (refer to figure 7) Change engine oil after the needle valve first hours hours thereafter Drain oil while Remove adjustment Tip the chipper-shredder in a suitable turn idle speed When engine _(-",) until plug securely. Refif] with...
  • Page 10 (_Tj-._----_ Knob " ._' Cover .i,(_ " ¢<1&_£._¢___,._-- Cart ridge FIGURE MUFFLER Do not operate the chipper-shredder dirt, dust, etc, from or tamper with the exhaust or spark attesters periodicalty, equipped with a spark arrester every 50 hours for cleaning...
  • Page 11 When reassembling and 450 inch pounds, securet¥ FLAILS AND flails become dull performed OFF-SEASON tf the chipper-shredder longer than recommended. Working Run the engine DO NOT DRAIN FUEL WHILE SMOKING, OR IF NEAR Drain alI the oil from the crankcase...
  • Page 12 SERVICE RECORD FILL tN DATES AS YOU COMPLETE REGULAR SERVICE Check Engine Oil Level Change Engine Clean Engine Service Air Cleaner , ... Clean Engine Cylinder Fins Clean or Repface Spark Plug TROUBLE SYMPTON Engine fails to start Hard starting or loss of power Engine overheats...
  • Page 13 Repair Parts 5 H.P. Chipper-Shredder--Model 247.796890...
  • Page 14 Hex Bolt 5/16-24 712-0429 Elastic Lock Nut 5t16-18 710-0237 Hex Bolt 5116-24 *Common Hardware - May be purchased NOTE: Specifications subject to change Chipper-Shredder--Model .'ev I Part No. No_ I 7t4-0144 Lg,* 32 1 736-0192 W32" 33 I 11459 711-0564 Dia,...
  • Page 15 Repair Parts 5 H.P, ChipperShredder--Model 247.796890 Engine--Model 130212 Type 1731-01 SPE¢IALIOOLS REQUIRED _IIC TO INSTALL SEE REPAIRINSTRUCTION MANUAL [358 GASKET SET I _'25...
  • Page 16 Repair Parts 5' H.R Chipper-Shredder--Mode! 247.796890 Engine--Model 130212 Type 1731-01 *BEouInEs SPECIAL TOOLS Zo_ LNS_T . ALL SEE REPAIR INSTRUCTION MANUAL.
  • Page 17 Repair Parts 5 H,P. Chipper-ShredderiModel Engine--Model 634_e_e,,_ 247,796890 130212 Type 1731-01 03 205 _166 _(_ 542 lfi_b1394...
  • Page 18 Parts Repair 5' H.P_ Chipper-Shredder-- Engine-Model PAR3" DESCRIPTION 395990 Cylinder Assembly 297565 Bushing-- Cylinder Note: Requires special installation 299819 Seal-- Oil 211542 Head-Cylinder * 270383 Gasket-Cylinder 294178 Breather-Valve "27549 Gasket-Valve Cover 93394 Screw--Breather 66578 Grommet-Breather "27OO80 Gasket--Crankcase-015 Standard) "270125 Gasket-Crankcase- "270126...
  • Page 19 221377 Cap- Spring 93265 Pin-Diaphragm 210959 Cover-- Diaphragm "Included in Gasket Set Part No. 39714& SPARK ARRESTING (Optional Consists 392154 223372 93705 247.796890 130212 Type 1731-01 PART 93141 396424 271466 222844 212706 Lever [Flat) 93612 933a3 221514 231386 Bell Crank)
  • Page 20 ,£'_._/_/,e,@ OWNERS MANUAL MODEL 247.796890 HOW TO ORDER REPAIR PARTS illu, Sears, Roebuck and Co, Chicago, PRINTED IN U S A @_/_/,_,@ / CRRFT.S M AN® 5 H.P. CHIPPER-SHREDDER The model number will be found on the model plate, attached to the...

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