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Preparation; Preparing Your Lcd Display For Wall Mounting; Place The Display On A Solid Surface - NEC E461 User Manual

46" entry-level commercial-grade large-screen display w/ integrated tuner
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Do not apply pressure to the screen display area which may
compromise the integrity of the display. The manufacturer's warranty does not
cover user abuse or improper installations.

Preparing Your LCD Display For Wall Mounting

We suggest that you keep your display at least 2.36 inches (60 mm) from the
wall to prevent cable interference. Before mounting your display on the wall,
you need to remove the base. For your safety, only mount with a UL listed
wall mount bracket that supports the weight of the display. (Please see page
22-23.) To attach a wall mount bracket to your display:
400 mm
1. Loosen the screws on the back of the stand and remove the back cover of
the stand.
2. Pull up the stand base from the hinge to remove the stand base from your
3. Secure the wall mount bracket to the back of your display using four M6
screws, as indicated in the illustration.
NOTE: Wall mounting solution is not included with the unit and is sold
separately. Contact your NEC representative for details.

Place The Display On A Solid Surface

Ensure that the LCD display
is placed in a position to allow
free flow of air. Do not cover the
ventilation openings on the back
cover. Do not place the display
near any open flames. Do not
allow the display to be placed in
an environment where it can be
exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or
rain and water. Do not expose the
equipment to any liquid.
200 mm
600 mm
400 mm
1 m


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