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Antenna Connection; Battery Installation And Replacement - NEC E461 User Manual

46" entry-level commercial-grade large-screen display w/ integrated tuner
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Antenna Connection

Unless your LCD display is connected
to a cable TV system or to a centralized
antenna system, a good outdoor color
TV antenna is recommended for best
television performance. However, if you
are located in an exceptionally good
signal area that is free from interference
and multiple image ghosts, an indoor
antenna may be sufficient.
When using a 75-Ohm coaxial cable system, connect the CATV coaxial cable
to the AIR/CABLE (75-Ohm) terminal. Or if you have an antenna, connect the
coaxial cable to the same AIR/CABLE terminal.

Battery Installation and Replacement

The remote control is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries. To install or
replace batteries:
1. Open the battery cover of the remote
control by pushing and pulling it in the
direction of the arrow.
2. Insert two new "AAA" size batteries
for the remote control. When
replacing old batteries, push them
towards the springs and lift them out.
3. Match the batteries to the (+) and (-)
marks in the battery compartment.
4. Insert the bottom of the battery, the
(-) side, into the battery compartment
first, push towards the springs and
insert the top of the battery, the (+)
side, into place. Do not force the
battery into the battery compartment.
5. Close the battery cover making sure the tabs rest in the corresponding
holes and push down the cover until it clicks shut.
CAUTION: Incorrect usage of batteries can result in leaks or bursting.
NEC recommends the following battery use:
Do not mix battery brands.
Do not combine new and old batteries. This can shorten the battery life
or cause liquid leakage of the batteries.
Remove dead batteries immediately to prevent battery acid from leaking
into the battery compartment.
Do not touch exposed battery acid as it may injure skin.
Remove the batteries if you do not intend to use the remote control for a
long period of time.


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