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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Operating Instructions Manual page 26

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: user guide
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First-time Operation
Setup Windows.
During setup of Windows, use the stylus to move the
cursor and to click an item. (
A Follow the on-screen instructions.
After turning on the computer, "Please wait while
windows sets up your computer ........." appears,
and then a small circle circulates on the screen.
This will take a few minutes.
Setup of Windows will take approximately 20 min-
utes. Go to the next step, confi rming each mes-
sage on the display.
<For MUI OS model>
For some languages, the characters on the key
and inputted character may not match. Set the key-
board properly after the setup is complete. Then
set the password.
You cannot choose the following words for user name
and password: CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK$, NUL,
COM1 to COM9, LPT1 to LPT9.
You can change the user name, password, image and
security setting after setup of Windows.
Remember your password. If you forget the password,
you cannot use the Windows. Creating a password
reset disk beforehand is recommended.
The wallpaper for the fi rst logon user has already been
set on "4 Setup Windows." .
When using this computer under the sun, the screen
becomes easily viewable by changing the wallpaper to
the white wallpaper.
A Right-click on the desktop, and click [Personalize] -
B Select [Solid Colors] at [Location].
C Select the white wallpaper and click [OK].
<For MUI OS model>
When setting up the keyboard, choose the appropriate
one to your computer. Otherwise, input by the key-
board may become unavailable.
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