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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Operating Instructions Manual page 29

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: user guide
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<Languages installed in this computer>
• English
• Dutch
• German
• Italian
• Spanish
• Swedish
Depending on the model, the following languages may
also be supported.
• Arabic
• Bulgarian
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Danish
• Estonian
• Hungarian
• Japanese
• Lithuanian
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Slovenian
• Thai
Change the language settings in the following menu.
[start] - [Control Panel] - [Date, Time, Language, and
Regional Options] - [Regional and Language Options]
[Regional Options] - [Standards and Formats]
[Languages] - [Language used in menus and dia-
[Languages] - [Details] - [Default input language]
[Advanced] - [Language for non-unicode Programs]
When you use MUI OS and localized OS versions
together on the same network, use English computer
names on localized versions of Windows.
Some UI (User Interface) strings remain in English
even if the user's UI is set to another language.
For more information, refer to "c:\windows\mui\
If you change the language in [Languages] - [Lan-
guage used in menus and dialogs], the desktop color
will be changed when logging on to Windows next
The desktop color can be changed by following the
procedure below.
Click [start] - [Control Panel] - [Appearance and
Themes] - [Display] - [Desktop] and select color from
[Color], then click [OK].
• Finnish
• French
• Norwegian
• Russian
• Turkish
• Chinese (Simplified)
• Croatian
• Czech
• Greek
• Hebrew
• Korean
• Latvian
• Portuguese
• Romanian
• Slovak



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