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Location Considerations; Cleaning Your Monitor - Compaq P1210 User Manual

Compaq user's guide color monitor p710, p910, p1210.
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Location Considerations

When setting up and using the monitor, keep the following in mind:
For optimum viewing, avoid placing the monitor against a
bright background or where sunlight or other light sources
may reflect on the display area of the monitor. Place the
monitor just below eye level.
Place the monitor away from strong magnetic or electromag-
netic fields, such as high capacity transformers, electric
motors, large current power lines, steel pillars, etc....
Magnetism can cause distortion in the picture and/or color
Avoid covering the slots or openings of the monitor. Allow
adequate ventilation around the monitor so the heat from the
monitor can properly dissipate. Avoid putting the monitor
into any enclosure that does not have adequate ventilation.
Avoid exposing the monitor to rain, excessive moisture, or
dust, as this can cause a fire or shock hazard.
Avoid placing the monitor, or any other heavy object, on the
power cord. Damage to the power cord can cause a fire or
electrical shock.
When transporting the monitor, handle it with care.

Cleaning Your Monitor

When cleaning the monitor, please follow these guidelines:
Always unplug the monitor before cleaning.
Wipe the screen and cabinet front and sides with a soft
unspoil cloth to prevent causing imperfections.
If the screen requires more than dusting, apply water or
neutral detergent to a soft cloth to clean the monitor screen.
Do not use benzene, thinner or any volatile substances to
clean the unit as the finish may be permanently marked.
Never leave the monitor in contact with rubber or vinyl for
an extended time period.
Do not spray directly on the screen as cleaner may drip into
the monitor and damage the circuitry.
Never use an abrasive cleaner on the screen surface as
this will damage the anti-reflection coating.
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