Bosch MIC inteox 7100i User Manual
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MIC inteox 7100i
User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MIC inteox 7100i MIC‑7602‑Z30B│MIC‑7602‑Z30W│MIC‑7602‑Z30G│MIC‑7602‑Z30BR│ MIC‑7602‑Z30WR│MIC‑7602‑Z30GR│MIC‑7602‑Z30BR‑OC│ MIC‑7602‑Z30WR‑OC│MIC‑7602‑Z30GR‑OC│MIC‑7604‑Z12BR│ MIC‑7604‑Z12WR│MIC‑7604‑Z12GR│MIC‑7604‑Z12BR‑OC│ MIC‑7604‑Z12WR‑OC│MIC‑7604‑Z12GR‑OC User Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    MIC inteox 7100i Table of contents | en Table of contents Introduction Systems requirements Establishing the connection Password protection in camera System overview Live page Playback Configuration Dashboard General Identification User Management Date/Time Web Interface Appearance 'Live' functions Connectivity Cloud Services...
  • Page 4 | Table of contents MIC inteox 7100i 7.2.5 Deactivating storage media Recording Profiles Maximum Retention Time Recording Scheduler Recording Status Recording Statistics Image Posting SD Card Status Alarm Alarm Connections Video Content Analysis (VCA) Audio Alarm Alarm E-Mail Alarm Task Editor...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents | En

    12.2.5 Controlling playback 12.3 Dashboard Using your MIC Camera 13.1 Recommended Use of Your MIC Camera 13.2 Using the Wiper/Washer (Bosch Protocol) 13.3 Using the Wiper/Washer (Pelco Protocol) 13.4 Configuring Settings for IR Illumination 13.5 Uploading a User Logo 13.6 Two-line and Three-line Camera Titles 13.7...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    If you cannot connect, the unit may have reached its maximum number of connections. Depending on the device and network configuration, each unit can have up to 50 web browser connections, or up to 100 connections via Bosch Video Client or BVMS. Password protection in camera The device is password-protected.
  • Page 7 MIC inteox 7100i Introduction | en You can also launch the device webpage directly. In the device webpage, an initial password page appears, displaying input fields and a password strength gauge. Enter the user name (“service”) and a password in the appropriate fields. Refer to the section User Management for more information.
  • Page 8: System Overview

    Configuration Configure the device. Dashboard See detailed system information. Links Navigate to the Bosch download store. Logout Log out of the device. Help on this page? Get context-sensitive help for the page that you are seeing.
  • Page 9: Playback

    MIC inteox 7100i System overview | en Icon Description Function Start Video Security App Start the app and use It to view live images, to configure and to operate the device from any location. Show latest event Open the Playback page to see the last recorded important events.
  • Page 10: General

    A check mark in this check box indicates that at least one certificate is loaded onto the camera. If no certificates are loaded, then “No certificate installed” appears to the right of the text. The Escrypt certificate is a root certificate for Bosch Security Systems that proves that the device meets the following criteria: –...
  • Page 11: Date/Time

    MIC inteox 7100i General | en The device has three authorization levels: service, user, and live. – service is the highest authorization level. Entering the correct password gives access to all the functions and allows all configuration settings to be changed.
  • Page 12 | General MIC inteox 7100i Daylight saving time The internal clock can switch automatically between normal and daylight saving time (DST). The unit already contains the data for DST switch-overs for many years in advance. If the date, time and zone have been set up correctly, a DST table is automatically created.
  • Page 13: Web Interface

    MIC inteox 7100i Web Interface | en Web Interface Appearance You can adapt the appearance of the web interface and change the website language to meet your requirements. Website language Select the language for the user interface. The default language is English. After selecting a different language, click the Set button. The page refreshes automatically.
  • Page 14: Live' Functions

    | Web Interface MIC inteox 7100i Latency mode Low delay, the default mode, provides marginal buffering to display fluent video under normal network conditions. Video buffer The value shown is calculated from the Latency mode setting. It cannot be changed.
  • Page 15: Connectivity

    This field identifies any cloud-based services with which the camera communicates. – If you have registered the device on a cloud-based service such as Bosch Remote Portal, then this field identifies this fact (“Connected”). Note: The button (Visit Remote Portal) to connect to the device with that service is active.
  • Page 16: Dyndns

    | Connectivity MIC inteox 7100i Password Enter the password that gives you access to the server. To verify the password, click the Check button to the right. Path Enter the exact path on which you wish to post the images on the server. To browse for the correct path, click the Browse button to the right.
  • Page 17: Camera

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Camera Installer Menu Sensor mode The sensor mode specifies the base resolution and frame rates for the image quality settings. Fast moving scenes use more frame rates (50 fps or 60 fps) for better image quality than slow moving scenes.
  • Page 18: Display Stamping

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Caution! Do not remove power to the unit during a factory default or a firmware update. Wait at least two minutes for the default process to complete. If the unit appears to be "frozen" after two minutes, then reboot the unit.
  • Page 19 MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Time stamping Select the position of the time and date overlay in the drop-down box. It can be displayed at the Top, at the Bottom, or at a position of choice using the Custom option, or it can be set to Off for no overlay information.
  • Page 20 | Camera MIC inteox 7100i If you have enabled the Transparent background option, the background color is not displayed in the OSD. Transparent background Check this box to make transparent the stamp background on the image. Info stamping Enable Check this box to activate the stamping.
  • Page 21 MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en In the field (0...255), enter the position range. (The default is 176). Select Off to hide the region from view. Stamping size Select the desired font size of the overlays on the OSD: Normal or Large.
  • Page 22: Positioning

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Signature interval [s] For certain Video authentication modes, enter the interval (in seconds) between insertions of the digital signature. Positioning The Positioning feature describes the location of the camera and the perspective in the camera’s field of view.
  • Page 23 MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Notice! The Sketch functionality is only available for configured and assigned pre-positions. For AUTODOME and MIC cameras, configure the pre-positions of the camera and assign the pre-positions to one of the available 16 VCA profiles before calibration with Sketch.
  • Page 24 | Camera MIC inteox 7100i – Enter the real size of a line or angle. To do this, select the line or angle, then enter the size in the corresponding box. Example: You have placed a line on ground across the lower side of an automobile.
  • Page 25: Scene Mode

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en WGS 84 The WGS 84 coordinate system is a spherical coordinate system description of the world and used in many standards including GPS. Latitude Latitude is the north-south position of the camera in the spherical coordinate system WGS 84.
  • Page 26: Picture Settings

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Copy mode to Select the mode from the drop-down menu to which you wish to copy the active mode. Note: To restore the default setting of all scene modes, you must click the Restore button in the Camera >...
  • Page 27 MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en – Fixed: no enhancement. This setting disables the Max. Gain Level option. Fixed gain Select the desired number for Fixed gain from the drop-down box. Maximum gain level Select the desired maximum gain level from the drop-down list.
  • Page 28: Enhance

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i – Motion – Color (default) Night mode shutter Controls the time period for which light is gathered by the collecting device while in night mode. Values are ¼, 1/8, 1/15, and 1/30; the default is 1/15.
  • Page 29: Scene Mode Scheduler

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Select the appropriate level of noise reduction, from 1 to 5 (2 is the default). 3D noise reduction level This field operates in conjunction with the field Noise reduction to reduce the noise introduced by movements in the scene. When Noise reduction is set to “On,” then the 3D noise reduction level field is active.
  • Page 30: Encoder Streams

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Encoder Streams The camera has 3 fully configurable streams, with the option to activate or deactivate VCA overlays on each stream. Note: If you access this menu while the camera is recording, the following message appears at the top of the page: Recording is currently active.
  • Page 31: Encoder Statistics

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Profile number Default Profile name Description Profile 5 SD Balanced For an SD image, the video bit rate and frame quality are adjusted to a median profile for everyday use. Profile 6 SD Bit Rate...
  • Page 32 | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Select the number of the Privacy mask. A colored rectangle appears in the unlabeled video preview window above the Set button. Use the mouse to define the area for each privacy mask. Privacy Masks can have multiple corners (which are blue in the preview window) and can form any convex shape.
  • Page 33: Lens Settings

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Lens Settings Focus Autofocus Continuously adjusts the lens automatically to the correct focus for the sharpest picture. – One Push (default; commonly called “Spot Focus”): activates the Auto Focus feature after the camera stops moving. Once focused, Auto Focus is inactive until the camera is moved again.
  • Page 34: Ptz Settings

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i PTZ Settings Auto pan speed Continuously pans the camera at a speed between right and left limit settings. Type a value between 1 and 60 (expressed in degrees), inclusive. The default setting is 30.
  • Page 35 MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Auto pan right limit Sets the right Auto Pan limit of the camera. Use the preview window to move the camera to the right pan limit and click the button. The camera will not move past this limit when in Auto Pan Between Limits mode (AUX 2 ON).
  • Page 36: Pre-Positions And Tours

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i – Click the Clear button to reset the North point to factory defaults. A dialog box appears with the message, “Reset North point to factory defaults?” To confirm, click OK. To cancel, click Cancel.
  • Page 37: Pre-Position Settings

    Select the degree of intensity of the White light. 6.12 Pre-position mapping Pre-position mapping allows you to map a function to a pre-position action. This feature works for Bosch protocols and for non-Bosch protocols. Action Select the appropriate action: Show or Set. Bosch Security Systems 2022-09 | 1.18 |...
  • Page 38 | Camera MIC inteox 7100i Pre-position Enter the number of the pre-position to map. Function Select the appropriate function from the drop-down list. Start auto pan Start auto pan with limit Stop auto pan Start custom tour Stop custom tour...
  • Page 39: Sectors

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en Wiper off Washer on Washer off 6.13 Sectors Sector The camera’s pan capability is divided into equal sectors (2, 4, 8, 16), as defined in PTZ Settings > Number of sectors, for a total of 360°.
  • Page 40: Audio

    | Camera MIC inteox 7100i No white light Select On to disable the field White light illuminators. The options in the field White light illuminators are disabled. Select Off to enable field White light illuminators. White light illuminators Select On to turn on the White light illuminators.
  • Page 41: Pixel Counter

    MIC inteox 7100i Camera | en 6.17 Pixel Counter The number of horizontal and vertical pixels covered by the highlighted area is displayed below the picture. With these values you can check whether the requirements for specific functions, for example, identification tasks, are fulfilled.
  • Page 42: Recording

    | Recording MIC inteox 7100i Recording Introduction to recording Images can be recorded to an appropriately configured iSCSI system or, for devices with an SD slot, locally to an SD card. SD cards are the ideal solution for shorter storage times and temporary recordings. They can be used for local alarm recording or to improve the overall reliability of video recording.
  • Page 43: Formatting Storage Media

    MIC inteox 7100i Recording | en In the Storage overview section, double-click a storage medium, an iSCSI LUN or one of the other available drives. – The medium is added as a target in the Managed storage media list. –...
  • Page 44: Maximum Retention Time

    | Recording MIC inteox 7100i Caution! Without metadata, it is not possible to include video content analysis in recordings. Select what is to be included in the recordings: – Audio: If audio is not enabled, Off is shown. Click on Off and the page is redirected to the Audio section.
  • Page 45: Recording Scheduler

    MIC inteox 7100i Recording | en Make sure that the retention time does not exceed the available recording capacity. Recording Scheduler The recording scheduler allows you to link the created recording profiles with the days and times at which the camera's images are to be recorded in the event of an alarm.
  • Page 46: Recording Status

    | Recording MIC inteox 7100i Click the Stop button to deactivate the recording scheduler. Running recordings are interrupted and the configuration can be changed. Recording status The graphic indicates the recording activity of the camera. You will see an animated graphic while recording is taking place.
  • Page 47: Sd Card Status

    MIC inteox 7100i Recording | en The following field may or may not appear, depending on your camera: Target Select the target account for JPEG posting. Notice! You must configure an account in order to have functionality for Image Posting. Click on Configure accounts to do so.
  • Page 48: Alarm

    | Alarm MIC inteox 7100i Alarm Alarm Connections You can select how the camera responds to an alarm. In the event of an alarm, the unit can automatically connect to a pre-defined IP address. You can enter up to ten IP addresses to which the camera will connect in sequence in the event of an alarm, until a connection is made.
  • Page 49: Video Content Analysis (Vca)

    MIC inteox 7100i Alarm | en Caution! Please note that in some circumstances, a larger bandwidth must be available on the network for additional video images in the event of an alarm, in case Multicast operation is not possible. To enable Multicast operation, select the UDP option for the Video transmission parameter here and on Network Access.
  • Page 50 | Alarm MIC inteox 7100i VCA configuration Select one of the profiles here to activate it or edit it. You can rename the profile. To rename the file, click the icon to the right of the list field and enter the new profile name in the field.
  • Page 51: Audio Alarm

    MIC inteox 7100i Alarm | en Reference check Save a reference image that can be continuously compared with the current video image. If the current video image in the marked areas differs from the reference image, an alarm is triggered. This detects tampering that would otherwise not be detected, for example, if the camera is turned.
  • Page 52: Alarm E-Mail

    | Alarm MIC inteox 7100i Threshold Set up the threshold on the basis of the signal visible in the graphic. You can set the threshold using the slide control or, alternately, you can move the white line directly in the graphic using the mouse.
  • Page 53: Alarm Task Editor

    MIC inteox 7100i Alarm | en Attach JPEG from camera Click the checkbox to specify that JPEG images are sent from the camera. An enabled video input is indicated by a check mark. VCA overlays Select the VCA overlays check box, to place the outline of the object that triggered an alarm into the camera image sent as snapshot via e-mail.
  • Page 54 | Alarm MIC inteox 7100i – Connection: If you select this option, then an alarm will begin when an attempt is made to access the camera’s IP address. – Time: If you select this option, then an input field appears to the right. In this field, enter the time for the activation of the alarm in hours and minutes.
  • Page 55: Network

    MIC inteox 7100i Network | en Network Network Services This page shows an overview of all available network services. Use the checkbox to activate or deactivate a network service. Click on the settings symbol next to the network service to go to the settings page for this network service.
  • Page 56 | Network MIC inteox 7100i DNS server address 1 / DNS server address 2 The camera is easier to access if the unit is listed on a DNS server. If you wish, for example, to establish an Internet connection to the camera, it is sufficient to enter the name given to the unit on the DNS server as a URL in the browser.
  • Page 57: Advanced

    MIC inteox 7100i Network | en RCP+ port 1756 To exchange connection data, you can activate the unsecured RCP+ port 1756. If you want connection data to be transmitted only when encrypted, select the Off option to deactivate the port. Discovery port (0 = Off) Enter the number of the port that you want to discover.
  • Page 58: Network Management

    | Network MIC inteox 7100i Network Management SNMP The camera supports two versions of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for managing and monitoring network components, and can send SNMP messages (traps) to IP addresses. The unit supports SNMP MIB II in the unified code.
  • Page 59: Ipv4 Filter

    MIC inteox 7100i Network | en With a setting, the encoder for the stream operates in multi-unicast mode (copying of data stream in device). The camera supports multi-unicast connections for up to five simultaneously connected receivers. Duplication of data places a heavy demand on the CPU and can lead to impairment of the image quality under certain circumstances.
  • Page 60: Service

    Notice! Potential loss of data Bosch recommends that you save all device configurations, including IVA and calibration, on your network before starting a firmware update. Notice! Before starting a firmware update, make sure to select the correct upload file.
  • Page 61: Licenses

    MIC inteox 7100i Service | en 10.2 Licenses This window is for the activation of additional functions by entering activation codes. An overview of installed licenses is shown. The installation code of the unit is also displayed here. 10.3 Certificates Add a certificate/file to the file list Click Add.
  • Page 62: Security And Safety Things

    This page allows users to send information about application crashes to the cloud. Note: Crash reporting must be enabled. 11.2 Bosch camera interface In this section, you can see some configuration menus of the Bosch camera, such as privacy mask, network, stream configuration, and other menus. 11.3 Legal This page provides legal information.
  • Page 63: Operation Via The Browser Live Page

    MIC inteox 7100i Operation via the browser | en Operation via the browser 12.1 Live page 12.1.1 Connection Stream 1 Select this option to display stream 1 of the camera. Stream 2 Select this option to display stream 2 of the camera.
  • Page 64: Aux Control

    | Operation via the browser MIC inteox 7100i Below the list of pre-positions/scenes is a drop-down list showing the stored pre-positions/ scenes. Select the appropriate pre-position (1 through 6). Click to store the pre-position. Note: If the pre-position is already stored, a dialog box displays the message, “Overwrite current pre-position?”...
  • Page 65: Saving Snapshots

    MIC inteox 7100i Operation via the browser | en 12.1.8 Saving snapshots Individual images from the displayed live video stream can be saved locally in JPEG format on the computer's hard drive. The storage location depends on the configuration of the camera.
  • Page 66 | Operation via the browser MIC inteox 7100i Hover over the CPU load icon to see the CPU load. If the CPU load is too high, change the VCA settings. Hover over the Network load icon to see the network load. If the network load is too high, change the encoder profile to reduce the bitrate.
  • Page 67: Status Icons

    MIC inteox 7100i Operation via the browser | en 12.1.15 Status icons Various overlays in the video image provide important status information. The overlays provide the following information: Decoding error The frame might show artifacts due to decoding errors. Alarm flag Indicates that an alarm has occurred.
  • Page 68: Playback

    | Operation via the browser MIC inteox 7100i 12.2 Playback Click Playback in the application bar to view, search or export recordings. This link is only visible when a direct iSCSI or memory card is configured for recording (with Video Recording Manager (VRM) recording this option is not active).
  • Page 69: Dashboard

    MIC inteox 7100i Operation via the browser | en – Click the alarm jump buttons to go from one alarm event to the next or to the previous one. Red bars indicate the points in time where alarms were triggered.
  • Page 70: Using Your Mic Camera

    Note: Tour B is now intended for use with the 'IVA while moving' functions. Preset Tours For scenarios that require the camera to be in continuous motion for most of the day, Bosch recommends that you set the camera in Preset Tour mode, moving between a desired set of presets.
  • Page 71: Using The Wiper/Washer (Bosch Protocol)

    Using your MIC Camera | en 13.2 Using the Wiper/Washer (Bosch Protocol) The "predefined position" for the wash/wipe function is preset 62. The installer must define preset 62 (preferably where the washer nozzle is located and can direct washer fluid towards the camera window) before using the wiper/washer function.
  • Page 72: Using The Wiper/Washer (Pelco Protocol)

    | Using your MIC Camera MIC inteox 7100i 13.3 Using the Wiper/Washer (Pelco Protocol) 2022-09 | 1.18 | Bosch Security Systems User Manual...
  • Page 73: Configuring Settings For Ir Illumination

    MIC inteox 7100i Using your MIC Camera | en 13.4 Configuring Settings for IR Illumination The following table provides the valid combinations of settings for activating IR illumination. To activate IR illumination, set the menus Night Mode, IR Illuminator, and IR Focus Correction to the values identified in the table below, depending on your desired results.
  • Page 74: Two-Line And Three-Line Camera Titles

    | Using your MIC Camera MIC inteox 7100i Select the field Camera name stamping. Select the position of the logo: Bottom, Top, or Custom. Note: If you select Custom, then additional fields (Position (XY)) appear where you can specify the exact position of the logo. In the fields Position (XY), enter the values for the desired position (0 - 255).
  • Page 75 MIC inteox 7100i Using your MIC Camera | en – The font color changes automatically to white when the camera enters Night Mode. – When the camera returns to Day Mode, the camera will use the selected font color automatically.
  • Page 76: Azimuth, Elevation, And Compass Directions

    Azimuth Zero point. Notice! Bosch recommends that only the installer calibrate the Azimuth Zero point. A recalibration to the Azimuth Zero point may cause inaccurate compass headings. Set the Azimuth Zero point: Determine the North compass heading, then move the camera to that position.
  • Page 77: Using Intelligent Tracking

    MIC inteox 7100i Using Intelligent Tracking | en Using Intelligent Tracking To activate the Intelligent Tracking feature, one of the following conditions must be met: – The Silent IVA option must be selected in the VCA page on the Settings tab. Refer to Video Content Analysis (VCA), page 49 .
  • Page 78 | Using Intelligent Tracking MIC inteox 7100i If the Intelligent Tracking feature is set to Auto or Click, the live video image displays an eye icon with a symbol that conveys the state of Intelligent Tracking activity: Graphic Description...
  • Page 79: Changing The Frame Rate

    Camera family Default frame rate Other frame rate (fps) scales available (fps) MIC inteox 7100i - 2MP 25 │ 50 │ 60 MIC inteox 7100i - 8MP FLEXIDOME inteox 7100i (IR) DINION inteox 7100i IR AUTODOME inteox 7000i To change the video frame rate, complete the steps that follow: Change the video frame rate either in the camera GUI or in Configuration Manager (version 7.60 or higher).
  • Page 80: Downgrading The Firmware Version

    | Downgrading the firmware version MIC inteox 7100i Downgrading the firmware version You may need to downgrade the firmware version of your camera. To do so, complete the steps that follow. Download the appropriate version of the firmware from http://
  • Page 81: Troubleshooting

    Your camera has an improper network connection. intermittently Test your camera with another power supply. Check the Bosch website for a software update that might address the issue. Nothing appears on the screen. Are the power cord and line connection between the camera and monitor made properly? The image on the screen is dim.
  • Page 82: Rebooting The Unit

    If you cannot control the unit after the firmware upgrade, then cycle the power to the unit. If a power reset does not solve the problem, or if Configuration or video management software identifies the unit as “Videojet Generic,” then contact your Bosch Service Center for an RMA for the unit.
  • Page 83: Physical Reset Button

    MIC inteox 7100i Troubleshooting | en 17.2 Physical reset button Each camera has a hardware reset button. You may need to press the reset button to reset the camera to factory defaults if you encounter the following circumstances: – You can power up the camera but cannot log on to the camera using the web browser.
  • Page 84: Customer Service And Support

    | Troubleshooting MIC inteox 7100i 17.3 Customer Service and Support If this unit needs service, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center for authorization to return and shipping instructions. USA and Canada Telephone: 800-289-0096, option 5 Fax: 800-366-1329 Email:
  • Page 85: Decommissioning

    The device should only be passed on together with this Installation manual. 18.2 Disposal Disposal - Your Bosch product was developed and manufactured with high-quality material and components that can be recycled and reused. This symbol means that electronic and electrical appliances, which have reached the end of their working life, must be collected and disposed of separately from household waste material.
  • Page 86: Status Codes

    – Refer to the “Troubleshooting” section of the midspan installation manual. Note: Bosch does not recommend or test any third-party High PoE sources. If you use a non-Bosch PoE device, then contact the manufacturer of that device for assistance.
  • Page 87 2. Verify the integrity/tightness of the external fasteners. Tighten where necessary. 3. If obvious damage is present, stop using the camera and contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center. Bosch Security Systems 2022-09 | 1.18 |...
  • Page 88 4. If damage to the seals is obvious, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center. 5. If no obvious damage is found, power the camera off and then on. If the status code reappears, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center.
  • Page 89 (and the window defrosters, for MIC IP fusion 9000i). If the log notes heater or defroster failure, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center. 3. If operation is obstructed because of...
  • Page 90 (Configuration > Camera > Installer Menu >Reboot device). If this action does not resolve the problem, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center. The Service Center may request information from the diagnostics log of the camera (accessible from the Service menu).
  • Page 91: Aux Commands

    MIC inteox 7100i AUX commands | en AUX commands Function Command Description On/Off Auto Pan without limits (Continuous) On/Off Auto Pan between limits On/Off Run Custom Pre-Position Tour On/Off Run Pre-Position Tour On/Off AutoPivot Enable On/Off Backlight Compensation (BLC) On/Off...
  • Page 92 | AUX commands MIC inteox 7100i Function Command Description On/Off Wiper On/Off (Intermittent) On/Off Wiper On/Off (One shot) On/Off Wash/Wipe On/Off On/Off Left Hard Pan Limit On/Off Right Hard Pan Limit On/Off Clear Hard Pan Limits Pan 180 degrees at maximum...
  • Page 93: Support Services And Bosch Academy

    Support services and Bosch Academy Support Access our support services at Bosch Building Technologies Academy Visit the Bosch Building Technologies Academy website and have access to training courses, video tutorials and documents: Bosch Security Systems 2022-09 | 1.18 |...
  • Page 94 | Support services and Bosch Academy MIC inteox 7100i 2022-09 | 1.18 | Bosch Security Systems User Manual...
  • Page 96 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Torenallee 49 5617 BA Eindhoven Netherlands © Bosch Security Systems B.V., 2022 Building solutions for a better life. 202209201409...

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