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Precautions - JVC AV-P960E Instructions Manual

Jvc av-p960e digital presenter: instruction manual
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Handling of Equipment
● Use the handle on the side to carry this unit.
Carrying this unit by its camera head, camera arm or its side illumination lamps might cause them to be deformed or dam-
● Pull out the handle slowly in a straight manner.
Conduct prior functional checks before important shooting events.
Compensation for the shooting contents
● JVC will not be in anyway liable for any failure to take or playback images due to problems arising from this product or the card
used, and no compensation will be offered for the loss of contents.
● You may take pictures for your own leisure or uses. However, you must not use any materials protected by copyright law
without the owner's consent.
SD Card
SD card is made from precision electronic components. Do not attempt to carry out any of the following actions as it may cause
the card to malfunction or damage.
● Do not touch the edge of the card with your bare hand or metal.
It may be damaged by static charges produced.
● Do not bend, drop or cause the card to suffer great impacts.
● When using and storing the card, avoid heat, water, direct sunlight and humid areas.
● Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the card.
Routine maintenance
Switch off the power, pull out the plug and perform the following tasks.
● Use a dry and soft piece of cloth to wipe off any dirt or stain on the equipment.
● For severe stains, immerse a piece of cloth into a diluted cleaning detergent, wring and use it to wipe off the stains on the
equipment. Thereafter, use a piece of dry cloth to wipe off the water drops.
● Do not use benzene or thinner. The equipment may malfunction and its casing may be damaged.
● When using a chemical wrap or detergent, read its product brochures carefully and take note of any precautions
Auto Focus
This unit is equipped with Auto Focus function. However, depending on the object and the camera setting, it might be out of
focus. In this case, please adjust the focus manually.
Objects which are difficult to be focused automatically
● When the brightness of the image plane is extremely high (bright).
● When the brightness of the image plane is extremely low (dim).
● When the brightness of the image plane is constantly changing (for example, a blinking light).
● When there is almost no contrasts.
● When there are repetitive vertical striped patterns on the image plane.
● When there are graphics or printings on both sides or the upper and lower portions of the screen.
Power Cord
● Use only the power cord specified (supplied).
Use of power cord other than designated, or damaged power cord may result in fire and electrical shocks.
● Do not use the power cord supplied with this unit on other devices.
Power Saving
To save power, turn off the unit when not in use.


Table of Contents

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