Sharp AH-X10 Series Operation Manual

Sharp AH-X10 Series Operation Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sharp AH-X10 Series

  • Page 1 คู ่ ม ื อ การใช้ ง าน เครื ่ อ งปรั บ อากาศแบบแยกส่ ว น INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT MÁY ĐIỀU HÒA KHÔNG KHÍ AH-X10 Series AU-X10 Series LOẠI HAI KHỐI RỜI AH-X13 Series AU-X13 Series HƯỚNG DẪN SỬ DỤNG...
  • Page 2 B129_EN.indd 2 2021/11/10 14:27:19...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH Please read this manual carefully before using the product. This manual should be kept in a safe place for handy reference. equipment damage. CONTENTS • Do not attempt to install/remove/repair the unit by yourself. Incorrect work will cause electric shock, water leak, fire etc. Consult your dealer • SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .........EN-1 or other qualified service personnel for the • PART NAMES (UNIT) ........EN-2 installation/removal/repair of the unit. • PART NAMES (REMOTE CONTROL) ....EN-3 CAUTION • USING THE REMOTE CONTROL .....EN-4 • Open a window or door periodically to • AUXILIARY MODE ..........EN-4 ventilate the room, especially when using gas • TIPS ON SAVING ENERGY ......EN-4 appliances. Insufficient ventilation may cause • BASIC OPERATION ...........EN-5 oxygen shortage. • OPERATION CONDITION .........EN-5 • Do not operate the buttons with wet hand. It • ADJUSTING THE AIR FLOW DIRECTION ..EN-6 may cause electric shock. • SUPER JET OPERATION .
  • Page 4: Part Names (Unit

    PART NAMES (UNIT) INDOOR UNIT The position of ON/OFF button: (For AH-X10 series) (For AH-X13/15/18/20 series) Indoor unit apperance may be different from the image above. ※ 1 Inlet (Air) 2 Open Panel 3 Air Filter 4 Receiver Window 5 Vertical Airflow Louver (For AH-X24/25 series) 6 Horizontal Airflow Louver 7 Outlet (Air) 8 OPERATION Lamp (green ) 9 TIMER Lamp (orange ) 10 ERROR Lamp (For AH-X10/13/15/18/20 series: green, For AH-X24/25 series: blue) EN-2 B129_EN.indd 2 2021/11/10 14:27:21...
  • Page 5: Part Names (Remote Control

    PART NAMES (REMOTE CONTROL) REMOTE CONTROL 1 TRANSMITTER 2 DISPLAY 3 ON/OFF Button 4 SUPER JET Button 5 BABY MODE Button 6 FAN Button 7 THERMOSTAT Button 8 MODE Button 9 SWING Button ( : Vertical direction) 10 ECO Button 11 ON TIMER Button 12 OFF TIMER Button 13 BEST SLEEP Button 14 TIMER CANCEL Button 15 RESET Button DISPLAY 1 SUPER JET Symbol 2 MODE Symbols FAN / AUTO / COOL / DRY 3 BABY MODE Symbol...
  • Page 6: Using The Remote Control

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL AUXILIARY MODE LOADING BATTERIES Use this mode when the remote control is not available. Remove the battery cover. TO TURN ON Insert two batteries. (AAA(R03)) Press the ON/OFF button. Make sure the (+) and (-) polarities are correctly aligned. • The green OPERATION lamp ( ) will turn on and the unit will start operating in the Reinstall the battery cover. AUTO mode.
  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Press the MODE button to select the operation mode. FAN AUTO COOL DRY Press the ON/OFF button to start oper- ation. • The green OPERATION lamp ( ) will light up. TO TURN OFF Press the ON/OFF button again. • The green OPERATION lamp ( ) will turn off. Press the THERMOSTAT button to set the desired temperature, you can set temper- ature in 0.5 C increments.
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Air Flow Direction

    ADJUSTING THE AIR FLOW SUPER JET OPERATION DIRECTION VERTICAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION The air conditioner works at the maximum power and optimum louver direction to Press the SWING button ( ) to set make the room cool rapidly. the desired airflow direction. During operation, press the SUPER JET button.
  • Page 9: Baby Mode Operation

    BABY MODE OPERATION ECO MODE OPERATION Soft , quiet and clean operation cools a The air conditioner will operate with room with well optimized for infants. lower power consumption than usual in this mode. During operation, press the BABY During operation, press the ECO MODE button.
  • Page 10: Timer Operation

    TIMER OPERATION OFF TIMER ON TIMER Press the OFF TIMER button and set Press the ON TIMER button and set the time as desired. the time as desired. • The orange TIMER lamp ( ) will light up. • The orange TIMER lamp ( ) will light up. • The timer setting will count down to show • The timer setting will count down to show the remaining time. the remaining time. TO CANCEL TO CANCEL Press the CANCEL button.
  • Page 11: Best Sleep Operation

    BEST SLEEP OPERATION MAINTENANCE For more comfortable sleep, temperature Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet or turn off the circuit breaker and fan speed will be controlled automati- before performing any maintenance. cally by the best program. CLEANING THE FILTERS During operation, press the BEST Turn off the unit.
  • Page 12: Before Calling For Service

    BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE The following conditions do not denote Check the following points before equipment malfunctions. calling for service. UNIT DOES NOT OPERATE The unit does not operate The unit will not operate if it is turned on • Check if the circuit breaker has tripped or the immediately after it is turned off. The unit will fuse has blown. not operate immediately after the mode is The unit does not cool effectively changed. This is to protect the unit. Wait 3 minutes before operating the unit.
  • Page 13: Before Calling For Service (Get The Error Code

    BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE (GET THE ERROR CODE) ABOUT ERROR CODE Press the FAN button once, the remote control will display “ ”. • The error code contains main code and sub code. Example: error 23-4. ERROR CODE Main Sub Code Code GET THE ERROR CODE Example: error 23-4. Press the THERMOSTAT button “ ”...
  • Page 14 ภาษาไทย กรุ ณ าศึ ก ษาการคู ่ ม ื อ ใช้ ง านผลิ ต ภั ณ ฑ์ โ ดยละเอี ย ดก่ อ นเริ ่ ม ใช้ ง าน และ โปรดเก็ บ คู ่ ม ื อ ฉบั บ นี ้ ไ ว้ ใ นที ่ ส ะดวกและปลอดภั ย • ห้...
  • Page 15 ส่ ว นประกอบเครื ่ อ งปรั บ อากาศ เครื ่ อ งภายในอาคาร ต� า แหน่ ง ของปุ ่ ม เปิ ด /ปิ ด : ส� า หรั บ AH-X10) ส� า หรั บ AH-X13/15/18/20) เครื ่ อ งปรั บ อากาศบางรุ ่ น อาจมี ค วามแตกต่ า งจากภาพที ่ แ สดงด้ า นบน ช่...
  • Page 16 ส่ ว นประกอบรี โ มทคอนโทรล รี โ มทคอนโทรล 1. ช่ อ งส่ ง สั ญ ญาณรี โ มท 2. จอแสดงผล 3. ปุ ่ ม เปิ ด /ปิ ด การท� า งาน 4. ปุ ่ ม SUPER JET (ท� า ความเย็ น อย่ า งรวดเร็ ว ) 5.
  • Page 17 โหมดการท� า งานฉุ ก เฉิ น การใช้ ง านรี โ มทคอนโทรล การใส่ แ บตเตอรี ่ ใช้ โ หมดการท� า งานนี ้ เ มื ่ อ รี โ มทคอนโทรลไม่ ส ามารถใช้ ง านได้ ถอดฝาครอบแบตเตอรี ่ การเปิ ด กดปุ ่ ม ON/OFF ใส่...
  • Page 18 การใช้ ง านพื ้ น ฐาน กดปุ ่ ม MODE เพื ่ อ เลื อ กโหมดการท� า งาน พั ด ลม อั ต โนมั ต ิ ท� า ความเย็ น ลดความชื ้ น กดปุ ่ ม ON/OFF เพื ่ อ เริ ่ ม ต้ น การท� า งาน • ไฟแสดงการท�...
  • Page 19 การท� า งานด้ ว ยการท� า ความเย็ น อย่ า ง การปรั บ ทิ ศ ทางการกระจายลม รวดเร็ ว (SUPER JET) ทิ ศ ทางการกระจายลมขึ ้ น -ลง เคร ื ่ อ งปร ั บ อากาศจะท � า งานด ้ ว ยพล ั ง ส ู ง ส ุ ด และปรั บ ทิ ศ ทาง แผ่...
  • Page 20 การท� า งานด้ ว ยโหมดส� า หรั บ เด็ ก อ่ อ น (BABY) โหมดประหยั ด พลั ง งาน(ECO) สร ้ า งความเย ็ น สบายภายในห ้ อ งอย ่ า งน ุ ่ ม นวล เง ี ย บสงบ และ เคร...
  • Page 21 การตั ้ ง เวลา (TIMER) การตั ้ ง เวลาปิ ด การตั ้ ง เวลาเปิ ด กดปุ ่ ม ตั ้ ง เวลาปิ ด ที ่ ต ั ว รี โ มทคอนโทรล กดปุ ่ ม ตั ้ ง เวลาเปิ ด ที ่ ต ั ว รี โ มทคอนโทรล และเลื...
  • Page 22 การท� า งานที ่ ช ่ ว ยให้ น อนหลั บ ได้ ด ี ท ี ่ ส ุ ด การบ� า รุ ง รั ก ษา (BEST SLEEP) ควรตรวจสอบให้ แ น่ ใ จว่ า ได้ ถ อดสายไฟออกจากเต้ า รั บ ติ ด ผนั ง เพ...
  • Page 23 ค� า แนะน� า ก่ อ นติ ด ต่ อ ศู น ย์ บ ริ ก าร อาการดั ง ต่ อ ไปนี ้ ่ ไ ม่ ไ ด้ บ ่ ง ชี ้ ถ ึ ง อาการผิ ด ปกติ ข องเครื ่ อ ง ตรวจสอบจุ...
  • Page 24 ค� า แนะน� า ก่ อ นติ ด ต่ อ ศู น ย์ บ ริ ก าร (เมื ่ อ พบรหั ส แสดงข้ อ ผิ ด พลาด) รหั ส แสดงข้ อ ผิ ด พลาด กดปุ ่ ม FAN หนึ ่ ง ครั ้ ง รี โ มทคอนโทรลจะแสดงสั ญ ลั ก ษณ์ • รหั...
  • Page 25: Các Hướng Dẫn Quan Trọng Về An Toàn

    TIẾNG VIỆT Vui lòng đọc kỹ sách hướng dẫn sử dụng này trước khi dùng sản phẩm. Nên cất giữ sách hướng dẫn sử dụng ở nơi an toàn thuận tiện cho việc tham khảo. • Không cố tự ý lắp đặt/ tháo/ sửa chữa thiết NỘI DUNG bị. Thao tác không đúng cách có thể gây ra điện giật, rò rỉ nước, hỏa hoạn, v.v. Tham khảo ý kiến đại lý hoặc nhân viên bảo dưỡng có • C ÁC HƯỚNG DẪN QUAN TRỌNG chuyên môn để lắp đặt/ tháo/ sửa chữa thiết VỀ AN TOÀN ............VN-1 bị. • TÊN CÁC BỘ PHẬN (THIẾT BỊ) ......VN-2 CHÚ Ý • TÊN CÁC BỘ PHẬN (ĐIỀU KHIỂN TỪ XA) ..VN-3 • SỬ DỤNG ĐIỀU KHIỂN TỪ XA ......VN-4 • Mở cửa sổ hoặc cửa ra vào định kỳ để thông • CHẾ ĐỘ PHỤ TRỢ ..........VN-4 thoáng phòng, đặc biệt là khi sử dụng các thiết • MẸO TIẾT KIỆM NĂNG LƯỢNG .......VN-4 bị đốt cháy bằng khí. Không thông thoáng đủ • VẬN HÀNH CƠ BẢN ..........VN-5 có thể dẫn đến thiếu hụt ô-xy. • ĐIỀU KIỆN VẬN HÀNH ........VN-5 • Không sử dụng các nút khi tay ướt. Vì có thể...
  • Page 26: Tên Các Bộ Phận (Thiết Bị

    TÊN CÁC BỘ PHẬN (THIẾT BỊ) DÀN LẠNH Vị trí nút ON / OFF: (Đối với AH-X10 Seri) (Đối với AH-X13/15/18/20 Seri) Hình dáng bên ngoài của Cục Lạnh có thể khác biệt so với hình minh họa ※ 1 Cửa khí vào (Không khí) 2 Tấm chắn trước (Đối với AH-X24/25 Seri) 3 Bộ lọc khí 4 Cửa sổ nhận tín hiệu 5 Cánh đảo gió dọc 6 Cánh đảo gió ngang 7 Cửa khí ra (Không khí) 8 Đèn VẬN HÀNH (xanh lá ) 9 Đèn HẸN GIỜ (màu cam ) 10 Đèn LỖI (AH-X10/13/15/18/20 Seri: xanh, AH-X24/25 Seri: xanh dương) VN-2 B129_EN.indd 2 2021/11/10 14:27:38...
  • Page 27: Tên Các Bộ Phận (Điều Khiển Từ Xa

  • Page 28: Sử Dụng Điều Khiển Từ Xa

    CHẾ ĐỘ PHỤ TRỢ SỬ DỤNG ĐIỀU KHIỂN TỪ XA NẠP PIN Sử dụng chế độ này khi điều khiển từ xa không khả dụng. Tháo nắp pin. ĐỂ BẬT Lắp hai quả pin vào. (AAA(R03)) Ấn nút ON/OFF. Đảm bảo cực (+) và (-) được • Đèn OPERATION (VẬN HÀNH) màu xanh lá...
  • Page 29: Vận Hành Cơ Bản

    VẬN HÀNH CƠ BẢN Ấn nút MODE để chọn chế độ vận hành. QUẠT TỰ ĐỘNG LÀM MÁT SẤY KHÔ Ấn nút ON/OFF để bắt đầu vận hành. • Đèn VẬN HÀNH màu xanh lá ( ) sẽ sáng. ĐỂ TẮT Ấn nút ON/OFF lần nữa. • Đèn VẬN HÀNH màu xanh lá ( ) sẽ tắt. Ấn nút THERMOSTAT để cài đặt nhiệt độ mong muốn, có...
  • Page 30: Điều Chỉnh Hướng Luồng Khí Thổi

    ĐIỀU CHỈNH HƯỚNG LUỒNG VẬN HÀNH LÀM LẠNH NHANH KHÍ THỔI HƯỚNG GIÓ DỌC Máy điều hòa không khí hoạt động với công suất tối đa và hướng đảo gió tối ưu Ấn nút SWING ( ) để cài đặt giúp làm lạnh phòng nhanh chóng.
  • Page 31: Vận Hành Chế Độ Trẻ Em

    VẬN HÀNH CHẾ ĐỘ TRẺ EM VẬN HÀNH CHẾ ĐỘ ECO Ở chế độ này, máy điều hòa không khí Vận hành êm ái, yên tĩnh và vệ sinh giúp làm lạnh một cách tối ưu căn phòng cho sẽ vận hành với mức tiêu thụ điện thấp hơn thông thường.
  • Page 32: Vận Hành Hẹn Giờ

    VẬN HÀNH HẸN GIỜ HẸN GIỜ TẮT MÁY HẸN GIỜ MỞ MÁY Ấn nút TIMER OFF và cài đặt thời Ấn nút TIMER ON và cài đặt thời gian mong muốn. gian mong muốn. • Đèn TIMER (HẸN GIỜ) màu cam ( • Đèn TIMER màu cam ( ) sẽ sáng. sẽ sáng. • Cài đặt hẹn giờ bắt đầu được tính cho • Cài đặt hẹn giờ bắt đầu được tính cho biết thời gian còn lại.
  • Page 33: Vận Hành Tốt Cho Giấc Ngủ

    VẬN HÀNH TỐT CHO GIẤC NGỦ BẢO DƯỠNG Đảm bảo ngắt kết nối dây nguồn ra khỏi ổ Để có giấc ngủ thoải mái hơn, nhiệt độ và cắm điện hoặc tắt cầu dao trước khi thực tốc độ quạt sẽ được điều khiển tự động hiện bất kỳ...
  • Page 34: Trước Khi Gọi Bảo Hành

    TRƯỚC KHI GỌI BẢO HÀNH Các tình trạng sau không phải là lỗi Kiểm tra các điểm sau trước khi liên hệ thiết bị. sửa chữa. THIẾT BỊ KHÔNG VẬN HÀNH Thiết bị không hoạt động Thiết bị không vận hành nếu vừa bật thiết bị • Kiểm tra xem cầu dao có bị sập hoặc cầu chì ngay sau khi tắt. Thiết bị không vận hàng ngay có bị cháy không. sau khi thay đổi chế độ. Điều này giúp bảo vệ...
  • Page 35: Trước Khi Gọi Bảo Hành (Kiểm Tra Mã Lỗi

    TRƯỚC KHI GỌI BẢO HÀNH (NHẬN MÃ LỖI) MÃ LỖI Ấn nút FAN một lần, điều khiển từ xa sẽ hiển thị “ ”. • Mã lỗi bao gồm mã chính và mã phụ. Ví dụ: lỗi 23-4. MÃ LỖI Mã chính Mã phụ TÌM HIỂU MÃ LỖI Ví dụ: lỗi 23-4. Ấn nút THERMOSTAT “ ”...
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