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Advanced Settings - HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Supplementary Manual

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Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced Settings dialog box to optimize the driver's operation with
OpenGL applications.
Offer 3D resolutions only
Use this button to use recommended 3D
resolutions only. If not selected, other
resolutions will be made available which may
display poor quality images.
Enable 3D- Extensions
Check this box to enable/disable 3D hardware
acceleration (enabled by default).
DMA Buffers
Select the number of DMA buffers reserved for
Open GL programs.
DMA Buffer Size
Select the size in kBytes for one DMA buffer.
Texturing Quality
Select texture quality settings. Lower texture
quality will increase performance. A rotating
cube displays the result upon texture quality and
Double Buffer
Enabling double buffering should result in flicker-
free animations. Double buffering is not
supported at some high-resolutions which can
result in slow performance.
GDI in Single-Buffered Modes
Some applications require this option to be
enabled to support GDI (2D) drawing operations
in a single-buffered OpenGL view.
GDI in Double-Buffered Modes
Some applications need this option enabled to
support GDI (2D) drawing operations in a double-
buffered OpenGL view.
Online help with detailed information on all of the driver options is provided
with the ELSA GLoria Synergy video drivers.
Force Buffer Blit
Select this option for consistency when an
application uses a mix of 2D (GDI) and 3D
(OpenGL) commands within a 3D view.
Use Alpha Channels
Allows fading/dissolves between colors.
If an OpenGL application doesn't use alpha
values, color calculations can be limited to red,
green, and blue for faster performance.
Support Anti-Aliasing (lines)
Selecting this option will increase rendering
quality but will reduce the speed of rendering
and decrease performance.
Wait for Vertical Blank
If tearing effects appear, use this option to
perform all actions within the vertical blank. If
enabled, this option will slow the performance of
Enable Fast Clear Planes
This option is usually enabled for faster
performance when drawing animations. Disable
this option if an OpenGL application needs to
read back depth buffer information (for example,
the Microsoft OpenGL Hardware Compatibility
Unix OpenGL Conform (Softimage 3.01 only)
Enable this option for Softimage 3.01, to
conform with the Unix OpenGL implementation
used by this application.
Support Double Write (Softimage 3.01 only)
Some applications, for example Softimage 3.0.1,
need support for double write enabled.
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