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Hp Integrated Opengl Interface Board - HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Supplementary Manual

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ELSA GLoria Synergy
(supplied with HP Kayak XW series A2)

HP Integrated OpenGL Interface Board

HP Integrated OpenGL Interface Board
OpenGL is a graphics language for describing three-dimensional objects. The
HP Integrated OpenGL Interface board has a processor that executes OpenGL
3D graphics instructions autonomously of the main processor.
The OpenGL interface board described below has one video controller, which
includes the following features:
• 1
VGA controller (used during boot)
• 1
OpenGL interface (used during normal operation)
• Graphics Engine
The switch from the VGA controller to the OpenGL interface is made during
the NT 4.0 boot, when the OpenGL drivers are loaded.
HP Kayak XW series A2
The HP Kayak XW series A2 is supplied with the ELSA GLoria Synergy
OpenGL Interface board.
• This graphics controller cannot be upgraded or reconfigured by the user, or
by HP personnel.
• Changes to the configuration are not supported.
AGP bus connector
Video Controller
VMI Port



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