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Safety Features - Honeywell QuickHeat HZ-817 Series Manual


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• Place the heater on a firm, level, open surface free from
obstructions and at least 3 feet (0.9 m) away from any
combustible materials.
• Never leave an operating unit unattended.
• Plug the heater into an electrical wall outlet.
• Touch the Power Button to turn the heater on.
The power indicator light will illuminate. (Fig. 3)
• To save up to 35% in energy bills, turn the Energy Smart™
knob to your desired temperature. There are four distinct
settings of 65°F/18°C, 70°F/ 21°C, 75°F/23°C, and
80°F/26°C. The Energy Smart™ heater will automatically
select the appropriate power level to best accommodate
your desired temperature. As the air temperature in
the room approaches the set temp, the heater will
automatically lower the power consumption and provide
consistent warmth without wasting energy.
• The illuminated LED lights will indicate what the current room temperature is.
• The LOW setting (
temperature is above 55°F (12°C), the heater will remain OFF until the temperature drops below this
level. If you want the heater to operate when the room is above 55°F (12°C), then move the Thermostat
to a higher setting.
• To override the Energy Smart™ feature and produce maximum heat, turn the knob fully clockwise to
). This will produce 1500W of heat at all times.
Quick Heat
will propel a steady blast of warm air out of your baseboard. This can help heat your room
more quickly. You will hear a fan operating in this mode. You can also turn the Quick Heat
and the heater will operate silently.


This heater is equipped with several devices and features for added
• A high temperature safety control prevents overheating
(Hi Limit).
• A back-up thermal circuit breaker that will permanently shut down
the heater should it operate at higher than normal temperatures
(HZ-614, HZ-615, HZ-617 and HZ-817 only).
• A SafeGuard
Alert Heat Indicator Badge that indicates the grille is
hot and should not be touched - turns from black to red (HZ-614C,
HZ-617, HZ-617C and HZ-817 only).
• Tip-over switch feature - The HZ-817 SERIES ONLY is equipped
with a tip-over switch that disables the heater if it is tipped over.
To restore power to the heater, stand the heater up properly and
press the power button.
• A three-prong grounded plug.
• This heater was created using a high quality safety plastic.
) is designed to operate only if the temperature is below 55°F (12°C). If the room
Fig. 3
Power Indicator Light
Fig. 4
Do not touch the grille until the
unit has been turned off and
the SafeGuard
turned back to black.
setting off
Heat Indicator
Alert Badge has


Table of Contents

Table of Contents