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Location Of The Stacker Serial Number; Stacker Operation; Stacker Jam Clearance - Xerox STACKER 8855/721P Operator's Manual

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Location of the Stacker Serial Number

In order to locate the serial number of your stacker, you must first
push down the release lever and slide the stacker away from the
The serial number plate is located on the left of the front cover facing
the printer.
Serial Number Plate
Figure 1. Sliding the Stacker away from the Printer.

Stacker Operation

If you are running paper larger than a 24" (610mm) raise the paper
In order to turn on your stacker, press the power switch to the on
position. When the stacker is on the green Power Indicator Light is
NOTE: There is no start up sequence between the stacker and the
printer (either the stacker or the printer may be turned on first). If
your stacker does not run, turn off both the printer and the stacker.
Turn on the stacker then turn on the printer. If the stacker still does
not function, verify power source and then call for service.

Stacker Jam Clearance

The paper fed from the printer will be either cut or uncut.
To ensure the safety of the user, be aware during jam
clearance that the surface will be hot.
In order to clear a jam in the stacker, lift the Upper Panel Assembly
and clear any paper (Figure 2). If the jam still exists, push down on
the release lever and move the stacker away from the printer (Figure
1). Clear any visible paper from the paper path.
Cut the paper in the printer (refer to the printer user guide) and follow
the above procedure.
Caution Hot Label
Jam Clearance Label
Figure 2. Lifting the Upper Panel Assembly.
NOTE; The Transmission PWB and the Reception PWB are infrared
connections (See Identifying the Parts on the Stacker). To ensure
proper operation of the stacker, these connections must be debris
Upper Panel Assembly


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